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Is Feifan's auto business integrated? There was no official response.

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SAIC plans to integrate some of Feifan's business units into SAIC's passenger car system to solve the problem of poor market performance after the independent operation of the Feifan brand, according to media reports.


In this adjustment, Feifan's customer development center, user operation center and new retail center will still operate independently, while dealer management, procurement and other departments will be integrated into SAIC passenger car system. According to the report, two sources confirmed the news, and this round of integration is expected to be completed this month, but the final decision has not yet been officially announced internally. "the merger is certain, but the exact way to merge is still under discussion," said people familiar with the matter. "

Feifan Automobile is a new energy vehicle brand of SAIC Group, formerly known as the "R brand" launched by SAIC passenger cars. In May 2020, SAIC Roewe launched the "R mark" and "new lion mark" double label strategy, and released a number of new cars, but the new R mark is different from the lower positioning Roewe, the new R mark is the exclusive logo of high-end new energy models. After the launch of the R brand, it has successively launched two models, ER6 and MARVEL R, but they are all under the original Roewe brand. To take responsibility for the upward development of the brand, officials set a sales target of about 20, 000 vehicles in 2021, but the R brand sold only more than 18000 vehicles this year, and the sound of the two models is not high in China.


In October 2021, SAIC announced that it intends to invest in the establishment of Feifan Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the mid-and high-end smart electric vehicle market. According to Tianyan check information, Feifan Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 7 billion yuan and paid-in capital of 50 million yuan. The company is jointly owned by Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ruwu Automotive Technology Partnership (limited cooperation). The shareholdings of the two parties are 95% and 5% respectively.


After the establishment of Feifan Automobile, the original R brand of Shanghai Automobile passenger car Branch was operated by Feifan Automobile in the way of an independent company. and with the same group's high-end intelligent pure electric brand-Zhiji Automobile to form the "Gemini" of SAIC's impact on the new energy market.

While announcing its investment in the establishment of Feifan Automobile, SAIC once said that Feifan Automobile was positioned as a "user-oriented data-driven technology company" to explore the use of innovative company operation mode, business operation mode and market-oriented incentive and restraint mechanism to achieve independent operation and be responsible for its own profits and losses. And make it clear that Feifan Automobile focuses on 200000 to 400000 yuan of middle and high-end new energy intelligent products, and Zhiji Automobile jointly undertakes the important task of SAIC Group to break through in the high-end electric intelligence new track.


Since Feifan car solo flying for two years, Feifan car launched Feifan F7 and Feifan R7 models, but the two car market sales performance is mediocre. Data show that the cumulative sales of Feifan cars in 2022 was 13600. Cumulative sales from January to August this year were 10900, of which 1302 were sold in August, down 36.7 per cent from the previous month. Among the subdivided models, Feifan F7 sold 902 vehicles (7981 during the year), while Feifan R7 sold 400 (2496 during the year). It should be noted that at the Chengdu Auto Show not long ago, Feifan announced a time-limited discount for Feifan F7. By the end of September 30, the purchase of F7 models can enjoy a time-limited discount of 15000-20, 000 yuan, with a price range of 214900-281900 yuan. However, judging from the sales volume of the month, the price reduction is hardly effective for the sales of Feifan cars.


As a brand for SAIC to hit the high-end new energy market, SAIC has high hopes for it. According to the plan, between 2022 and 2025, Feifan will launch at least five new models, covering cars, SUV, MPV, etc., and achieve sales growth of at least 100 per cent a year. However, since flying solo in 2021, Feifan has not only failed to undertake the important task of SAIC's breakthrough in the new high-end electric intelligence track, but is getting farther and farther away from the mainstream models.

SAIC plans to integrate some of Feifan's business units into SAIC's passenger car system, perhaps helplessly. In response to the adjustment of the Feifan auto business, an SAIC employee confirmed to the media that the adjustment would not involve Zhiji Automobile.

As of press time, neither SAIC nor Feifan has responded to the news, and whether SAIC will integrate Feifan's auto business still needs further official verification.

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