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The best SUV under 10 million! The declaration information of M9 is exposed.

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Recently, I saw the declaration information of M9 in the latest issue of new car declaration catalogue of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is understood that the new car positioning large SUV, will be officially unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year.


Appearance: The M9 adopts a brand-new family design language. The front face is equipped with a closed large grille. The penetrating daytime running lights are connected with the headlights on both sides. After lighting, the visual effect of the vehicle is greatly improved. In addition, silver trim is added to the front surround position of the vehicle for decoration, and the luxury feeling of the vehicle is further enhanced.


From the side, the overall line of the car body is smooth, the window frame and side skirt positions are decorated with chrome plating, and the overall luxury feeling of the vehicle has been improved. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5230*1999* 1800mm respectively, and its body shape is similar to the ideal L. For comparison, the ideal L9 has a long height of 5218/1998/1800mm and a wheelbase of 3105 mm.

In terms of interior decoration, refer to the pictures exposed earlier. The overall interior adopts minimalist style, with horizontal large central control screen, AITO logo printed in the center of steering wheel, and 2+2+2 6-seat layout for seats. In terms of intelligent functions, the M9 will be equipped with Hongmeng 4.0 cockpit system and Huawei ADS advanced automatic driving assistance system.


Power: It provides two power forms: extended range and pure electric. Among them, the pure electric version is equipped with dual motors, with the maximum power of 160kW and 230kW respectively. The comprehensive maximum power of the system is 390kW. The extended range version is equipped with an extended range hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and dual motors with a maximum engine power of 112 kW and a maximum front and rear drive motor power of 165 kW and 200 kW. In terms of power batteries, all of them adopt spare ternary lithium batteries from Ningde era. In terms of competitors, it will compete with ideal L9, Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X7 and other models after listing.


It should be noted that in April this year, AITO asked the world M9 has appeared and opened pre-sale, pre-sale price range of 500,000 yuan-600,000 yuan. On the pre-sale day of the M9, Yu Chengdong praised the evaluation of the M9, saying: The M9 has both the large space of the full size flagship SUV and the flexible driving experience of the small car, equipped with the chassis suspension system exceeding one million luxury cars, and more importantly, equipped with Huawei's most complete intelligent car full-stack technology solutions. Even when it comes to publicity, it is said that the M9 is the best SUV within 10 million.


Relevant information shows that AITO is the latest automobile brand under Celis Group, which is jointly built with Huawei Company. At present, AITO has three models: M5/M5 EV, M7 and M7. The M7 was launched on July 4,2022. The new car is positioned as a medium and large SUV. A total of 3 configuration models have been launched, with a price range of 319,800 - 379,800 yuan. Among them, comfort version 319,800 yuan, luxury version 339,800 yuan, flagship version 379,800 yuan. The M5 was launched in February 2022, and three new models were launched, including a subsidized retail price of 249,800 yuan for the rear drive standard version, 279,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive performance version and 319,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive flagship version. On September 12, Wenjie New M7 went on sale, selling 2498 - 329,800 yuan. Official news, ask the world new M7 listed, orders have exceeded 15,000 vehicles.


Under the background of rapid development of new energy, the competition of new energy automobile track is becoming more and more fierce, and many new energy automobile enterprises are also launching new products for six consecutive years to seize market share. For example, the ideal car for the head of the new force will launch the ideal L7 and ideal L9 Pro this year. Xiaopeng Automobile also launched Xiaopeng G6, new Xiaopeng P7 and other models this year. AITO brand naturally needs to speed up the launch of new products under the impact pressure of Tesla's big price reduction. In addition, entering 2023, the terminal sales volume of Inquiries failed to be "far ahead" in the new energy market. Relevant data showed that the sales volume of AITO Inquiries series in August was 5018 vehicles, which was more than 50% lower than that of 10098 vehicles in August 2022 in the same period last year.


Under the influence of various factors, the boundary M9 came. As the most expensive model under the industry, it can not only shape the high-end image of the brand for the industry, but also help the industry seize the high-end new energy market. Although the competition in the high-end new energy market is not so fierce, in recent years, many car companies have launched high-end electric vehicles one after another. If M9 wants to stand out in this field, it will also face certain challenges. After all, getting consumer approval was the most important thing.

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