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bring disaster to the fish in the moat? Baoneng's company is filed for bankruptcy review

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According to the national enterprise bankruptcy reorganization case information network, Baoneng Kunshan Ju Innovation Energy Technology Co., Ltd. added a bankruptcy reorganization case, the case number is (2023) Su 0583 Brechen 280. the type of case is "bankruptcy review case". The applicants are Zhejiang Hanxin Technology Co., Ltd., Dazu Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., Kunshan Lotte Catering Management Co., Ltd., Kunshan Yi thinking Advertising Media Co., Ltd. The handling court is the Kunshan people's Court.


It is not surprising that Kunshan Juxin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was filed for bankruptcy review. The people's Court of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province decided on September 8 to transfer Kunshan Juchuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kunshan Juchuang") to bankruptcy as the execution case of the person subject to execution, according to the referee's website. According to the notice of the people's Court of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, in the process of implementing disputes such as Kunshan easy thinking Advertising Media Co., Ltd., Kunshan Lotte Catering Management Co., Ltd., Dazu Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hanxin Technology Co., Ltd., and other dispute cases, the above application executor applied for the transfer of Kunshan Juchuang to bankruptcy. Now the court will transfer it to Kunshan Juchuang for bankruptcy review according to law, and notify Kunshan Juchuang. If you have any objection to bankruptcy, please submit it and send it to the court with relevant evidence within seven days.


It is understood that Kunshan Juchuang is involved in a large number of cases, with a total debt of 428 million (excluding interest calculated according to judicial documents). At the same time, Science City (Guangzhou) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. advocates a priority of 118 million yuan for the disposal of machinery and equipment, and Shenzhen Jianye Engineering Group Co., Ltd. claims a priority of 425 million yuan for the above-mentioned disposal assets. At present, the applicant for execution applies to the people's Court of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province for bankruptcy review on the grounds that the person subject to execution is unable to pay off the due debts and the assets are not sufficient to pay off all the debts and is obviously lack of solvency.

According to Tianyan check information, Kunshan Ju Innovation Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2019, with Sun Li as its legal representative and registered capital of 1 billion yuan. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development. According to the equity penetration map, the company's major shareholder is Shenzhen Hongpeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with a 75% stake. Shenzhen Hongpeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is owned by Shenzhen Hongpeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., whose major shareholder is Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group Co., Ltd.


According to the previous report of Automotive Industry concern, Kunshan Ju Innovation Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a battery project set up by Baoneng Automobile to meet the supporting needs, and it is also an important part of Baoneng Group's comprehensive entry into the field of new energy industry. it was put into use in October 2020 and completed the first phase of the project, but the current progress is not smooth.

Baoneng Group joined the auto circle in 2017, and Baoneng Automobile was established in the same year. At that time, Baoneng Group spent 6.63 billion yuan to acquire Quan Automobile under Chery, and then bought Changan PSA50% shares for 1.63 billion yuan, and obtained a 1072 mu automobile manufacturing base. Since then, Baoneng Group has also proposed to build production bases in many places in China, but Baoneng Automobile is still unable to build cars successfully. It is not too late to enter the auto circle from Baoneng, but it has failed to catch up with the dividends of the era of new energy vehicles.

Or to save itself, Baoneng has recently sold its assets frequently. On August 29th, three sites (323669.6 square meters) of Kunshan Ju Innovation Energy Technology Co., Ltd., owned by Baoneng Automobile, and unlicensed buildings, machinery and equipment were successfully auctioned at a price of 610 million yuan. The bidder was Kunshan Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd. In June, the Xi'an automobile base of Baoneng Automobile was also cancelled, which is the only production base that has been built in Baoneng Automobile planning, but due to financial problems, the base has no substantive production, and recently this base has entered the stage of sale.


As Baoneng's battery company has been filed for bankruptcy review, the continuation of Baoneng's road to building cars has added more uncertainty. Today, Baoneng Automobile is struggling. It not only shuts down its overall business, but also faces disputes over arrears of wages, production line auctions, and increasing information about the person subject to execution. It should be noted that Baoneng has invested 50 billion yuan in the automotive field. Under such circumstances, is there any chance of a turnaround for Baoneng cars that have not yet appeared in mass production?

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