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The price of the new Lulai EC6 will be announced soon!

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On September 15, the new NIO EC6 will be announced. It is understood that the brand-new EC6 is built on the platform of NIO NT2.0, with a slip-back body design and the same powertrain as the brand-new ES6.

In terms of appearance, the brand-new EC6 is equipped with the latest family-style design style, eliminating the silver chrome embedded in the front face and becoming a shark-nose closed front face with more curved surfaces and folds. However, compared with other models of NIO with the latest family-style design, the daytime running lamp shape of the brand-new EC6 is slightly different, using a split design.



The new EC6 continues to feature a slip-back styling and uses the same flat side window design as the new ES8 and ES6, with privacy glass at the rear. At the rear, the new EC6 design is basically consistent with the ES7, with the popular through-type LED taillights, the internal light group consists of 286 LED light sources, and the high-mounted brake lights adopt hidden design. The new EC6 is also equipped with an active tail that can be opened in two stages, with a raised design on both sides and a slightly raised tailgate. In addition, the original external rear wiper also disappeared, instead of hidden storage in the top spoiler. In terms of size, the brand-new EC6 has a length, width and height of 4849/1995/1697mm and a wheelbase of 2915mm respectively.


In terms of interior, the new EC6 is basically the same as the EC7, equipped with 12.8-inch AMOLED central control screen and 10.2-inch HDR digital instrument. The interior is divided into two parts: the upper part mainly carries technology, such as screen, dashboard and steering wheel, while the lower part creates a better atmosphere. The new EC6 continues to feature integrated sports seats, with 16-way electric adjustment for the main driver seat, 18-way electric adjustment for the co-driver seat, and 8-degree front and rear electric adjustment for the rear backrest. In addition, it is equipped with the second generation "Queen's co-driver", and the front sunshade of the co-driver is also equipped with a large size makeup mirror.


In terms of power, the brand-new EC6 will adopt a combination of front AC asynchronous motor and rear silicon carbide permanent magnet synchronous motor, with comprehensive output power of 360 kW, comprehensive torque of 700 N·m, and acceleration time of 0-100 km/h of 4.23 seconds (driver + equipment only). In terms of battery life, the new EC6 still offers 75 kWh and 100 kWh battery options, corresponding to CLTC operating range of 495 km and 630 km respectively.

EC6 is the third production car launched by NIO after ES8 and ES6. It was released on NIO Day 2019 and announced its price in July 2020. The main competitor is Tesla Model Y. However, as a coupe model, the sales volume of NIO EC6 is not high, compared with Tesla Model Y is not small gap. In 2022, NIO EC6 delivered 17076 vehicles for the whole year, compared with 315314 Model Y vehicles.


With the mass production launch of the brand-new EC6, NIO has completed all product switching based on the second-generation technology platform. After 8 second-generation models are fully launched, they can cover 80% of the user demand in the high-end market. Li Bin said,"Our goal is to stabilize the monthly sales volume at more than 20,000 units," but this is not the ultimate goal of NIO,"The goal is to achieve the sales capacity of 30,000 units per month, and the achievements of sales capacity building from October begin to appear gradually."

A few days ago, Wei Lai announced the second quarter earnings report. Financial report shows, The second quarter Wei Lai net loss 6.056 billion yuan, Year-on-year growth 119.6%, Annulus growth 27.8%. As of June 30,2023, NIO's cash reserves were 31.5 billion yuan, compared with 37.8 billion yuan at the end of the first quarter.

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