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Personnel change! He Liyang, vice president of Yuan Xiaopeng, joined Cyrus.

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Recently, according to media reports, he Liyang, the former vice president of Xiaopeng Automobile, has recently joined Cyrus as the rotating president of the AITO Group, mainly responsible for the day-to-day operation of the AITO Group. He Liyang also made a public appearance at the launch of AITO's new M7 on Sept. 12.

Relevant data show that he Liyang had worked in Huawei and Xiaopeng Motor before joining Cyrus. He first served as the head of Huawei's Western European Enterprise Business Department and the vice president of Huawei's automotive business. According to a person familiar with the matter: before the formal implementation of the HI model, Huawei has decided to fully run this model in a car company. At that time, it was he Liyang who led the team to negotiate with a number of companies, and only Cyrus accepted this model. Or at this time, he Liyang and Cyrus had a connection, only now joined Selis.

He Liyang joined Xiaopeng Automobile at the beginning of 2021, mainly responsible for the construction of Xiaopeng Automobile overseas market operation system. After more than a year, he Liyang left his job in May last year and left Xiaopeng Motor. At that time, Xiaopeng Motor was also rumored to carry out multi-departmental adjustments, and several senior executives left. Subsequently, he Liyang joined Siwei Tu as Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Product Technology Committee. He Liyang also spoke on the landing and application of urban NOH at this year's Shanghai Auto Show.


He Liyang's AITO question Group was just established in August. Selis has said that the new AITO Group is to further improve management efficiency and respond quickly to decision-making to focus on core business and promote innovation and development. In fact, in June, AITO asked that in order to support the further and close development of the joint business between Cyrus and Huawei, the two sides decided to set up a joint working group on AITO sales and service, which will be fully responsible for the end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service, channel and other business from July 1st.


Behind a series of adjustments has something to do with the sharp drop in sales. Since the beginning of this year, after the car companies have started a price war and Huawei Ren Zhengfei stressed that Huawei / HUAWEI can not be used in the vehicle promotion and appearance, the sales volume has been stagnant and weak. Relevant data show that sales in August were 3263, down 67.52% from a year earlier, down 67.52% from January to August to 33264, down 15.64% from a year earlier. By contrast, AITO sales reached 75000 in 2022.


As a pillar of Selis car sales, Q & J accounts for more than half of Selis car sales. Of course, the decline in sales has also affected Selis's financial data. According to the medium-term performance forecast issued by Cyrus Group, Selis's operating income during the reporting period was 11.032 billion yuan, down 11.14% from the same period last year. The net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company is-1.344 billion yuan, while the net profit for the same period is-1.727 billion yuan. The net profit after deducting non-recurrent profit and loss belonging to the shareholders of the listed company is-1.885 billion yuan, while the net profit for the same period is-1.714 billion yuan.


Of course, the cooperation between Cyrus and Huawei is undoubtedly successful. After partnering with Huawei, Selis's popularity has also been raised. Cyrus also understands that the newly established AITO interlocutor group can not only promote the development of the business, but also deeply strengthen the binding with Huawei.

At present, the MJ brand has unveiled several models: M5, M7, M7 and M9, among which the new M7 was launched on September 12. The M9 also opened its pre-sale in April, with an advance price of 500000 yuan to 600000 yuan. This time, it remains to be seen whether he Liyang, who has Huawei experience, can help Selis reverse the decline in sales.

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