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Pre-sale starts at 300000! Equation Leopard 5 interior decoration official picture exposed

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On Sept. 15, equation Leopard released a set of interior drawings of the first model, the Leopard 5. From the released pictures, we can see that it is roughly the same as the previously exposed spy photos, using a new design language, based on the concept of "lock" as a whole, with relatively strong lines, making the vehicle full of industrial style.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

The position of the center console adopts a symmetrical design, and the interior is a popular three-screen design, with a 15.6-inch 2.5K high-definition central control multimedia screen, a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen and a 12.3-inch passenger multimedia entertainment screen. Equipped with up and down gear lever, equipped with a large number of physical keys, but also provides a three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel. The roof is equipped with electric open and close panoramic skylights, car refrigerators, multi-color interior atmosphere lights, Divare sound and active fragrance system. In terms of color matching, according to the official pictures, it provides three colors of solar eclipse blue, shoal green and storm rice.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

It is understood that equation Leopard 5 positioning medium and large SUV, based on BYD's new hybrid platform DMO, using hybrid special non-load-bearing body, equipped with 1.5T high-performance plug-in system. Blind booking of the new car has been launched in August, with a blind booking range of 30 to 400000 yuan, which may be available and delivered by the end of the year.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

Appearance, equation Leopard 5 appearance as a whole for the traditional square style, the front face is equipped with a large size in the net, the interior using a horizontal chromium plating trim and through-type LED light belt filling, with both sides of the headlight group, and equation Leopard brand new combination of logo, greatly improve the recognition of the vehicle. The lower encircling position uses a black decorative plate and a silver protective plate to enhance the fashion sense of the vehicle.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

The side of the car body is designed with strong horizontal lines to lengthen the visual sense of the car body. In addition, the floating roof and multi-frame wheels further enhance the overall sense of movement of the vehicle. Size: the length, width and height are respectively 4890, 1970 and 1920mm, the wheelbase is 2800 mm, and the interior adopts 2 + 3 five-seat layout.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

In terms of power, Leopard 5 is equipped with BYD's new hybrid platform DMO and Yunyi-p intelligent body control system, with front and rear double motors, maximum engine power 143kW, peak torque 273Nm; front axle motor maximum power 200kW, peak torque 360Nm; rear axle motor maximum power 285kW, peak torque 400Nm The system has a comprehensive power of 515kW and a comprehensive torque of 760Nm. It is equipped with an intelligent electric four-wheel drive system. The official acceleration time of 0100km / h is 4.8s, and the fuel consumption of the feed is 7.8L/100km. In terms of range, it is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 31.8kwh, a pure electric mileage of 125km under CLTC conditions and a comprehensive mileage of more than 1200 km. The new car will be launched against the Tank 500, the new Toyota Prado, the Land Rover Guardian and other models.

屏幕快照 2023-09-16 下午3

With the arrival of the equation Leopard brand, the BYD automobile brand matrix has been improved. At present, the competition in the market field of hardline SUV in the domestic market is not so fierce. Great Wall Motor launched the tank brand earlier, and the tank 300 exploded the market as soon as it was launched, opening up the model market of its own brand hardline style. BYD launched the new brand of equation Leopard, which can not only enhance the brand positioning, but also improve the overall sales of BYD.

According to official plans, BYD has an annual sales target of 3 million vehicles in 2023. As of August, BYD's cumulative sales were 1.792 million vehicles, an increase of 82.16% over the same period last year, with a sales target completion rate of 59.7%.

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