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Downgrade! The price of the new G9 will be announced soon.

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On September 19,2024 Xiaopeng G9 was officially launched, and a total of new models were launched with a price range of ten thousand yuan. As a reference, the price range of the current Xiaopeng G9 is 309,900 - 469,900 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 is basically the same as the current model. The front face adopts closed grille, both sides are split headlights, the upper part is slender three-stage daytime running lamp, which has penetration effect after lighting, and the lower part is blackened through air inlet, which is integrated with the black decoration of the side skirt. The side of the body, from a belt line from the front light group directly through to the tail light group, equipped with hidden door handles, 21-inch large rims and so on. At the rear of the car, the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 adopts a through-type tail lamp group, which echoes the through-light of the front face, and at the same time embeds LED dot matrix design, bringing more visual impact. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4891/1937/1680mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2998 mm. It is positioned as a medium and large pure electric SUV.



Interior part, 2024 Xiaopeng G9 will add new gray optional, center console, door panel, seat will be covered with light-colored leather material, seat belt also changed to white. The 2024 Xiaopeng G9 sub-instrument panel cancels the black piano paint trim panel and adds 2 air-cooled wireless charging panels with 50 watts of power. In addition, the new Xiaopeng G9 still retains three floating LCD screens, and the co-driver entertainment screen also uses an anti-peep design.


In terms of power, the new car will provide two power systems of two-drive single motor and four-wheel drive double motor. The maximum power of single motor is 230kW, and the maximum power of double motor is 175kW/230kW respectively. In terms of charging, 800V high-voltage fast charging technology is adopted, which can realize charging for 5 minutes and endurance of 200km. In terms of battery life, the current G9 standard version carries a battery pack with a capacity of 78.2 kWh and a CLTC range of 570 km; other models carry a battery pack with a capacity of 98 kWh, the CLTC range of the rear-drive version is 702 km, and the 4WD version is 650 km.

Xiaopeng G9 is the fourth mass production car owned by Xiaopeng Automobile, and it is also the highest model in the history of Xiaopeng Automobile. It undertakes the task of improving gross profit rate. The new car was officially launched on September 21,2022. However, only one day after the new car was launched, Xiaopeng Automobile was forced to change the SKU of Xiaopeng Automobile because the optional logic was too complicated, and the entry-level model did not have auxiliary driving function and could not be selected. After adjustment, XPILOT, 5D music cockpit and XNGP intelligent assisted driving become standard in different versions, equivalent to a price reduction of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan on the original basis.


However, after changing SKU Xiaopeng G9, sales are still very average. Retail data show that from January to August 2023, Xiaopeng G9 sold 8624 vehicles cumulatively, only higher than Xiaopeng G3, ranking 16th in the medium and large SUV market, higher than Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ, which sold 8624 vehicles.


The 2024 Xiaopeng G9 did not directly announce the price, but held a press conference, indicating that Xiaopeng Automobile still attaches great importance to the new Xiaopeng G9, and the price of the new model is lowered, which also means that Xiaopeng Automobile hopes that the new G9 can have better market performance.

The importance of Xiaopeng G9 to Xiaopeng Automobile is self-evident. Financial report shows, In the first half of 2023 Xiaopeng car total income 9.096 billion yuan, Year-on-year decline 38.92%; Net loss of 5.142 billion yuan, Year-on-year growth of 16.81%; The most unexpected is gross profit margin, In the first half of Xiaopeng car gross profit margin for-1.43%, Is "Wei Xiaoli" The only negative gross profit margin company, More terrible is its car gross profit margin, Has dropped to-5.90%. It is understood that since 2022 Q1, the gross profit margin of Xiaopeng Automobile has been declining continuously, and as the model with the highest price of Xiaopeng Automobile, whether the sales volume can improve will directly affect the gross profit margin performance of Xiaopeng Automobile.


However, in recent months, the delivery volume of Xiaopeng cars has improved, including 13690 vehicles delivered in August and 11008 vehicles delivered in July, returning to the delivery line of 10,000 vehicles. According to the financial report, Xiaopeng Automobile expects its vehicle delivery volume to be between 39000 and 41000 vehicles, and is expected to deliver between 14,300 and 16,300 vehicles in September.

For Xiaopeng car next delivery performance, He Xiaopeng in the earnings call said, It is expected that in September Xiaopeng car's G6 model delivery volume will be significantly improved, Drive the company monthly delivery breakthrough 15,000 vehicles. In the fourth quarter, Xiaopeng Automobile will hit the target of G6 delivering more than ten thousand yuan in a single month. With the G6 climbing and more models, Xiaopeng will hit the company's monthly delivery target of 20,000 in the fourth quarter.

Gu Hongdi, honorary vice chairman and co-president of Xiaopeng Automobile, revealed that in the second half of 2023, with the substantial growth of sales driven by new products such as G6, the gradual recovery of gross profit rate and the continuous improvement of operation efficiency, Xiaopeng Automobile is expected to realize the overall positive operating cash flow in the second half of 2023. However, entering the third quarter, automobile enterprises in order to catch up with the annual sales target or there will be more aggressive price reduction promotion activities, so Xiaopeng fourth quarter sales growth and gross profit margin month-on-month improvement there is greater uncertainty.

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