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Do you owe money or not? It is exposed that a new force owes more than 13 million of its wages in four months, and hundreds of people are suspended from work.

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According to a document obtained by the Financial Associated Press on August 31, 2023, Weima Motor owed 248 employees a total of 13.39 million yuan in wages and remuneration for the period from February to May 2023, and the Shanghai Qingpu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has made an administrative decision, requiring Weima to reissue the full wages owed to its employees within 15 days from the date of receiving the administrative decision.


On September 20, Weimar's former employees said: "the time stipulated in the administrative decision has passed, but Weimar has not implemented it." At present, Weimar also has nearly 100 left-behind personnel, including finance, IT, after-sales, etc., in addition to at least hundreds of people who are without pay.


It is understood that there have been unpaid employees to the relevant departments to apply for labor arbitration, hoping to solve this problem through legal channels. The administrative decision numbered "Youth Society Law Enforcement (2023) Lizi No. 00318" mentioned above shows that on July 6, 2023, the people's and Social Affairs Bureau of Qingpu District found that Weima Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. defaulted on workers' wages for no reason during the administrative law enforcement of human resources and social security. And verify the evidence of Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. (employee salary schedule (updated) from February 2023 to May 2023), inspection registration form, investigation records and so on.

The people's and Social Affairs Bureau of Qingpu District believes that Weima Motor's act of defaulting on its employees without reason violates Article 50 of the Labor Law of the people's Republic of China, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 91, paragraph 1, of the Labor Law of the people's Republic of China, 248 administrative decisions have been made against Weimar. Weima Automobile is required to reissue a total of 13389489.42 yuan in wages and remuneration for 248 employees during the period from February 2023 to May 2023 within 15 days from the date of receipt of this administrative decision. However, Weimar did not implement this administrative decision within the specified time.

As of press time, Weimar official did not respond to the above news.

As a matter of fact, the arrears of wages in Weimar is no longer an accident. Since October last year, Weimar has been frequently mired in negative messages such as "pay cut, pay suspension and debt". However, arrears of wages, suspension of social security and provident fund are only the tip of the iceberg. After entering 2023, the snowball of negative news caused by financial shortage is getting bigger and bigger, including factory shutdown, store closure, retail end almost paralysis, a large number of directly operated exhibition halls closed, most dealers choose to withdraw from the network, and production companies have been filed for bankruptcy, huge assets have been frozen, and so on.


In February this year, some employees went to Weimar Huanggang factory to pull banners to protect their rights because of a sharp pay cut, unknown whereabouts of social security funds and a delay in the payment of wages. Pictures exposed on the Internet at that time showed that a suspected Weimar employee bound a white banner at the gate of the Weimar factory. The banner read, "execute Article 85 of the labor contract and demand payment of economic compensation", "it is shameful for the enterprise to default on wages, and who will take care of the interests of the employees? return my hard-earned money" and "how can senior executives gain a foothold in society regardless of the interests of their employees?"

In addition, some Weima employees asked Weima Automobile for wages directly online. Li Ruhua, an employee of Weima Automobile's Public Relations Department, said in a post on Weibo on February 25 and March 2, respectively, that he had been "suspended from pay" by Weima Automobile. Weima has been in arrears in salary, social security and provident fund for more than three months, and a series of issues such as communication and negotiation with senior officials have been fruitless.

Since then, Weimar was investigated by the labor inspection department. In the same month, the staff of the Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau of Huanggang City people's Bureau said that at present, the Municipal Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau and the Municipal people's Society Department have set up a special class to intervene in this matter and are accepting matters relating to the protection of the rights of Weima employees.

However, the incident of unpaid wages at Weimar did not stop there, and countless people participated in demanding wages under Weimar and its chairman, Shen Hui Weibo. Not long ago, the Daily Business News reported that the outgoing Weimar employees said: "there are no people in the Weimar office building, and people are leaving one after another." From the picture shows, Weimar car office is a mess, has no one to work, is full of office garbage.


At the moment, Weimar is in a very passive position. On September 10, Weimar announced the termination of its plan to list Hong Kong shares through backdoor APOLLO, which also means that Weima Motor has completely lost the opportunity to list Hong Kong shares. At the same time, Weima Motors, which is in urgent need of "blood transfusion", is once again short of money.


But the next day, things took a new turn. Happy Automobile, a listed US stock company, announced on September 11 that it had signed a non-binding letter of intent with Weima Motor, planning to issue a certain number of new shares to acquire 100% of its shareholders' shareholds. in other words, Weima Automobile was acquired by Happy Motors. However, some industry insiders believe that the possibility of reverse takeover of Happy Motor by Weima Automobile and the possibility of listing in the United States will not be ruled out. Of course, as a second-hand car dealer that has lost money for years, there are still a lot of uncertainties about the purpose of buying Weimar and how to empower Weima.


Shen Hui, founder of Weimar, wrote on Weibo on Sept. 18: "if you can't die, you can do it. Turn on the electricity and you're done!" Such words give people unlimited room for reverie, but for Weimar, which is short of both money and products, it is not likely to achieve a rapid "turnaround" in a highly competitive market.

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