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Make a comeback! Chery Fengyun T11 official picture released

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On September 24th, Chery released the Fengyun T11, the second model of the new energy product series, the Fengyun T11. The new car is another new car in the product series after the Fengyun A9, positioning a large hybrid SUV and is expected to be equipped with Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM power system.

Judging from the official picture, the overall shape of the new car is very avant-garde. The front face uses a closed design, with through-type headlights and neatly arranged LED light belts, it looks very scientific and technological. The center is inlaid with a new style of luminous LOGO, and below is a penetrating air intake to further improve the recognition of the new car.


On the side of the body, the lines of the new car are smooth, and the waistline of the whole car extends from the headlights to the taillights, increasing its visual length. The door handle is a hidden design, and it is expected to adopt the opposite door design, which is relatively simple as a whole. In addition, the design of the hidden B/C/D column of the new car creates a fixed view of the suspended roof, which is equipped with lidar and the body is equipped with electronic rearview mirrors. it is expected that the new car will have a good attraction in terms of intelligent driving assistance when it comes to market, and the application of large-size multi-spoke rims has further enhanced the sports sense of the whole car. The rear part of the car has not been officially disclosed.

In terms of power, it is expected that the new car will be equipped with Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM power system, which is composed of hybrid special engine, hybrid special gearbox, hybrid special battery and battery management system, which can achieve high fuel economy and vehicle safety.

Fengyun, once a classic fuel car owned by Chery, quickly became popular as soon as it was launched. Unfortunately, the car was discontinued after only two generations of models were launched.


In December 1999, Fengyun, the first product of Chery, officially went off the line, but because Chery did not have a car-building license at that time, Fengyun could not be listed in the national car production catalogue, so it could only be listed in the national car production catalogue with the help of the Wuhu municipal government. appear in the public eye as a taxi. In order to open the market as soon as possible, two years later, Chery chose to marry SAIC, and Fengyun was able to successfully enter the sedan sedan market in the name of "Shangqi Chery". With a low price of 88000 yuan, Fengyun sedan became popular as soon as it went on sale. 28000 cars were sold that year, and the next year's sales reached 50, 000. By 2003, Chery Fengyun's cumulative sales reached 100000. This achievement is quite classic in Chery's car department, and even directly props up half of the Chery brand.


In 2010, Fengyun 2, a successor model, was launched, but the car is not in the form of a Fengyun hatchback, but a hatchback similar to the Honda Feido, and the price is cheaper, and the price of 5.18-60800 yuan is sought after by many users. Data show that Fengyun 2 sold 150000 vehicles in the year it went public.


In 2013, Chery carried out a comprehensive reform, Ruiqi, Weilin and Qiyun were suspended, leaving only the Chery brand, and then the products within the Chery brand were further integrated, retaining only the four major product systems of QQ, Fengyun, Ruihu and Erize. Due to the short wheelbase, ordinary rear seat and storage space, and a lot of options for models of the same class, the car gradually faded off the stage and eventually stopped production in 2016.

Now that Fengyun has made a comeback, it is no longer focusing on fuel vehicles, but mainly on mixed models, and to some extent, the Fengyun series may be seen as the key to Chery's transition to new energy.

On September 16, Chery officially announced that it would officially name the previously exposed series of Chery's high-end new energy products "Fengyun". The first model, Fengyun A9, was unveiled simultaneously, which locates medium and large sedans. Like the new series of other brands, the Fengyun series will adopt the new brand LOGO. According to officials, the Fengyun series will focus on hybrid products, which is expected to be officially released in the fourth quarter, and the Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM will be carried on the Fengyun mass production model.


At present, Chery is gradually expanding in the field of new energy. In the field of pure electric, Chery already has many brand layouts of Chery New Energy, Xingtuo, Shortcut and iCAR. With the release of Fengyun series, Chery Group passenger car plate architecture matrix will be further improved. According to the plan, by the end of 2024, Fengyun series will launch a total of six new products. As for the resurrection of Fengyun, it will take more time for Chery to figure out whether it can stand up in the new energy market.

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