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Price reduction leads to dissatisfaction! Xiaopeng G9 is complained by car owners.

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According to the auto complaint website, complaints related to Xiaopeng G9 have increased sharply in recent days because of "Xiaopeng G9's sharp price reduction after buying a car." According to the complaint owner, the price will be reduced by 60,000 yuan just after lifting the car, which seriously deceives the trust degree of consumers and brings bad psychological and practical blows to the old owners.


On September 19, Xiaopeng Automobile launched 2024 G9 models, with a price range of 2639 - 359,900 yuan, down 46,000 yuan compared with 2023 G9 models. In addition to the price reduction, the configuration of the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 has also been significantly improved, and Nappa leather seats will be standard in the whole series. At the same time, the central 15W wireless charging panel was upgraded to dual 50W high-power air-cooled wireless fast charging. In other aspects, the car is equipped with Xiaopeng self-developed XOpera sound, replacing the previous Danner sound, other adjustments include the cancellation of electric leg rest in the main driver's seat, the increase of seat back ventilation/heating, and the cancellation of the boss button by the co-driver.


Xiaopeng G9 is the fourth mass production car owned by Xiaopeng Automobile, and it is also the highest model in the history of Xiaopeng Automobile. It undertakes the important task of improving gross profit rate. The new car was officially launched on September 21,2022. However, only one day after the new car was launched, Xiaopeng Automobile was forced to change the SKU of Xiaopeng Automobile because the optional logic was too complicated, and the entry-level model did not have auxiliary driving function and could not be selected. After adjustment, XPILOT, 5D music cockpit and XNGP intelligent assisted driving become standard in different versions, equivalent to a price reduction of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan on the original basis.

A year later, Xiaopeng launched the new G9 and defined it as "fighting G9 again", hoping to reverse the previous low sales of Xiaopeng G9 by lowering the price and improving the configuration. According to the data, the cumulative sales volume of Xiaopeng G9 from January to August 2023 is 8624, which is only higher than Xiaopeng G3, and ranks 16th in the medium and large SUV market, higher than Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ, which sells 8624 vehicles.


On September 22, Xiaopeng Automobile announced the sales of the new G9. Officials said,"After the launch of the 2024 Xiaopeng G9, 72 hours will break 8000!" Objectively speaking, Xiaopeng Automobile shows strong competitiveness at the product end, especially at the technical end. With the launch of the new Xiaopeng G9, it is worth paying attention to whether it can help the total sales data of Xiaopeng Automobile to rise to a higher level.

In response to the price reduction of the new G9 reflected by many old owners, the Trolley Report believes that there is no official compensation plan with a high probability. Subjectively, the new car listing plan belongs to the internal business decision-making plan and commercial secret of the automobile, the automobile OEM does not have the obligation of compulsory notification, and the price reduction sales are also the right of the OEM. Objectively speaking, the renewal iteration of automobile products is a normal thing, and the new car will certainly carry out all-round improvement in terms of product strength and configuration. Whether subjectively or objectively, Xiaopeng's car is not wrong.


Some auto analysts say that while model changes are common, there must be a balance between product sequence updates and maintaining the feelings of older owners. If there is no good communication and coordination, abrupt price adjustment will also have the risk of losing its original brand positioning and brand premium power. At the same time, it will cause certain harm to consumers who used to be brand fans, brand trust will plummet, and even push their potential customers farther and farther away.

China Consumer Association has also issued a document saying that automobile companies generally have some problems in the sales process, such as price changes, service charges, sales fraud and so on. In order to protect consumers 'rights and interests, consumers are advised to fully understand relevant information before buying cars and fully communicate with automobile manufacturers and sellers. At the same time, the automotive industry should continue to improve product quality and service levels to meet the growing needs of consumers.

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