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Stop homemade! Another model of BMW stops production.

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According to media reports, the domestic BMW X2 (F39) on sale officially stopped production at the brilliance BMW plant in Shenyang on September 21, and no longer carries out local production, which also means that the domestic BMW X2 has officially withdrawn from the historical stage.


The BMW X2 was launched in 2017, debuted at the North American Auto Show in 2018 and introduced into domestic sales as imports. Since 2019, the BMW X2 has been domestically made, and it is the seventh domestic BMW model. It is also the only BMW LOGO model with a C-pillar in the whole series of models sold by BMW. At that time, it formed an entry-level SUV combination with the BMW X1.

The domestic BMW X2 currently on sale offers four models with a price range of 28.89-332900 yuan. The car market competition includes Audi Q3 and its sedan version, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Cadillac XT4, Volvo XC40 and other models. The figures show that the BMW X2 sold only 11634 vehicles from January to August this year, compared with 19428 in 2022.

It is not surprising that the BMW X2 will stop making China. As early as May this year, there were media reports that domestic BMW 1-Series hatchback sedan (F52) and domestic BMW X2 (F39) will be terminated by the end of the year. Among them, the domestic BMW 1-Series hatchback (F52) officially withdrew from the historical stage on July 27 this year, and the last 1-Series hatchback was taken off the line at the BMW Shenyang Tiexi factory of brilliance. The reason for the suspension of production is related to the fact that the car can not bring sales and profit growth to the brand. Data show that the cumulative sales of the BMW 1-Series in 2022 was 25351, while only 8860 in the first half of 2023, with an average of more than 1,000 per month.


The BMW X2 will stop production from September, but unlike the BMW 1-Series hatchback, which no longer has a successor, the BMW X2 will continue to launch replacement models, but will not carry out domestic localization production, but will be introduced into the domestic market in the form of imported cars.

According to reports, the new generation of BMW X2 is expected to be replaced by the end of this year, and the new car will be produced together with the new BMW X1 based on the FAAR platform and with the new chassis code U10. It will be introduced into the domestic market in the form of imports at the beginning of next year. In short, the BMW X2 will no longer be produced locally.

From the espionage photos previously exposed, as a replacement model, the appearance and interior of the new car will be replaced with the latest family design style. Specifically, the front face of the new car still uses the classic double-kidney front grille design, with long and narrow headlights on both sides, and double-row LED daytime driving lights with longitudinal layout inside. The side of the body is similar to the conventional compact SUV body structure design, and it is expected that the size may also be significantly improved. In the rear part and the rear part of the new car, there are more broad "buttocks" and combined with the roof shape to form the body structure of the sliding back coupe SUV. Due to the great change in the appearance of the new car, it was even considered to be a "scaled-down version" of the BMW X4.

New BMW X2 overseas spy photo

The interior, the new car layout or the continuation of the new BMW X1 dual screen design, is expected to use a combination of 10.25inch full LCD dashboard and 10.7inch central multimedia display, and built-in BMW's latest iDrive 8 engine system, in addition, the new car will be equipped with a lever-type electronic shift mechanism. In terms of power, the new car will provide a fuel version of the 2.0T engine.



In addition, the all-new X2 will also launch the innovative all-electric BMW iX2 (U10 BEV) for the first time, which is expected to go into production at BMW's Regensburg plant by the end of this year, BMW's first all-electric SAC model. The car will come from the same platform as the listed iX1, positioning the compact car, and the design is expected to continue the new BMW X2 design style.


Innovative pure electric BMW iX2 (U10 BEV) test car

It is reported that the domestic BMW X2 is at the end of the product, and the existing car or on-the-road car can still be purchased in the 4S store, and the discount at the sales terminal is not small.

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