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There's something wrong with the car! A certain type of car suffered a large number of complaints.

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Recently, according to the complaint information of the car quality network, FAW Toyota RAV4 has received a large number of complaints since September 1, with hundreds of complaint messages, ranking first in the list of complaints on the car quality network in the past seven days. The models complained about are RAV4 Rongfang 2022 2.0L CVT city version, 2022 2.0L CVT two-wheel drive Plus version, 2021 and 2022 2.0L CVT two-wheel drive fashion version and so on. Most of the complaints are: FAW Toyota RAV4 Rong release machine navigation system can not be upgraded, the car machine function is backward, there is no carlife, the car engine system has not been updated and so on.



A car owner posted that: FAW Toyota RAV4 Rongfang does not have a CarPlay, Carlife or HIcar,OTA upgrade, its own mapping software is extremely difficult to use, often do not know the actual location of the vehicle, the flow is expensive, the most basic car-machine interconnection is not available, and there is no follow-up service. I hope to upgrade the car machine to support any of the above interconnection.

There are car owners posted that: the car main screen central control system in addition to display reversing images, nothing else can do! In particular, the vehicle-machine interconnection system is very unfriendly and can not meet the basic normal needs of customers! Strongly urge customers to upgrade the car-computer interconnection (OTA) system free of charge! When the auto industry looked at the content of the complaint, it was found that the owners' demands were that the authorities could arrange for an upgrade of the vehicle-computer interconnection (OTA) system. As for the content of the complaints from car owners, FAW Toyota also replied: thank you for your feedback and suggest to keep communication with the dealership.


It is worth noting that a few days ago, Toyota was also complained by many car owners about the differential treatment of Rongfang owners because of the interconnection function. A recent post by car owners said that many Toyota models can upgrade the interconnection function for free, but the Rongfang model is not included. In addition, there are car owners: Rongfang 21, 22 models are not equipped with carlife and CarPlay functions, other years of vehicles are equipped with this configuration. Now Lu Fang and Asian Dragons can be upgraded, but Rong Fang has not yet. In this regard, some automotive professionals said that some car owners revealed to them that the machines with Carplay and Carlife are not available in all departments, but only on the Carola or Rayling of a certain year, and if the owners of C-HR and Rongfang want to use Carplay, they have to specially refit the mainframe screen.


In fact, the car engine problem has always been a sore point for Japanese cars. In recent years, many Japanese models have been complained by many car owners because of machine problems. For example: Hanlanda, Weisa, Crown Lufang, Camry and other models. This is not, a few days ago, the Camry model also encountered collective complaints from car owners because of machine problems.

A car owner posted that: Camry OTA decoration, reversing camera blurred stutter, built-in software can not be updated. There are also car owners posted that: more than 20 weeks of high configuration does not support CarPlay, reversing images are blurred, car navigation stutters are serious, OTA exists in name only, and other Toyota cars have supported OTA upgrades, hoping that manufacturers can solve the vehicle problem free of charge.


With the development of automobile intelligence, consumers' requirements and dependence on vehicle engine system are also increasing. However, from the point of view of the car-engine system of Japanese fuel vehicles currently on sale in China, compared with domestic models with the same price, the car-engine system is still relatively backward.

The American Consumer report released a comprehensive ranking of car-engine systems as early as 2021. From the data point of view, Japanese brands are basically at the end of the ranking, only Nissan exceeds the passing line, and other Toyota, Lexus, Honda and other brand car systems are all below the passing line. Some industry insiders pointed out that the Japanese brand car machine system is largely due to the low acceptance of the car networking function by consumers in the Japanese local market. However, for domestic consumers, the requirements for the car-machine system are constantly improving. Toyota's "hip-pulling" will also have an impact on sales, with figures showing that Toyota's latest sales in China in August were 175800, down 6.6 per cent from the same period last year. Among them, FAW Toyota fell 7%, Guangzhou Auto Toyota sales fell 5.1%.

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