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The wise world S7 is coming! Yu Chengdong: each specification surpasses Model S

2024-06-17 Update From: AutoBeta autobeta NAV: AutoBeta > News >


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Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Smart car solution BU, revealed at the launch of Huawei's autumn full-scene new products on Sept. 25 that Huawei Zhixuan's first model Zhijie S7, which works with Chery, will open in mid-October and go on sale in late November. It is understood that Zhijie S7 positioning medium-sized pure electric sedan, will be equipped with Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4 system, equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system.


In terms of appearance, the Wisdom S7 adopts a brand-new design style, the front grille adopts a closed design, both sides are equipped with long and narrow headlights running through the central light belt, and the words Luxeed LOGO are printed on the top of the machine cover, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle. The tail adopts a through-type rear light group, which echoes with the headlights. The lines on the engine room cover are designed with a bulge, which makes the vehicle have a strong sense of hierarchy.


Side of the body: the body structure of the sports coupe is adopted, and the design of the double waist line makes the visual effect of the Wisdom S7 more slimmer, equipped with lightweight 21-inch double five-spoke rims, Brembo brake calipers and hidden door handles to highlight the movement flavor of the vehicle. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Wisdom S7 are 4971/1963/1474mm and wheelbase 2950mm respectively.


The rear part of the car uses through-type taillights, while the upper part of the trunk is also equipped with "duckling" tail wing, which adds a lot of fashion sense to the vehicle. In addition, there is a Chery logo on the lower left side of the rear of the vehicle, and a logo with the words "Zhijie S7" on the lower right. In terms of color matching, Wisdom S7 provides dark gray and black and white for consumers to choose from.


In terms of interior decoration, it is equipped with a suspended full liquid crystal instrument, a central control screen and a rounded rectangular steering wheel, and two wireless charging panels for mobile phones are provided in the position of the sub-instrument. The traditional physical buttons are basically cancelled, and the center console is wrapped in leather in a large area, which reduces too many design elements and lines, and strengthens the sense of luxury in the car. In terms of intelligence, the roof of the new car is equipped with a lidar, the center of the front perimeter is equipped with millimeter wave radar, and there are side-looking cameras on both sides of the front wing.

In terms of power, according to the declaration information released earlier, the new car provides two power versions of single-motor two-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive, the maximum output power of the drive motor of the two-wheel drive model is 215KW, and the maximum power of the front and rear motor of the four-wheel drive model is 150kW and 215kW, respectively. In terms of batteries, it will be equipped with ternary lithium batteries from Ningde era.


Chery announced plans to develop a smart electric car brand with Huawei Smart car in September last year, and plans to launch five high-end smart electric models in 2023, according to relevant information. At present, there are three modes of cooperation between Huawei and automobile companies, including selling soft and hard parts to automobile companies, Huawei Inside (HI) model, and Huawei smart car selection model. Among the three cooperation models, Huawei smart car selection model is the most popular, that is, Huawei is deeply involved in product definition, vehicle design and channel sales. A more successful case is the AITO question launched by Cyrus and Huawei, which adopts Huawei's smart car selection model.


The success of AITO has also made many car companies ready to move. Jianghuai, Chery, BAIC and other car companies have also joined Huawei's smart car selection model. Yu Chengdong said earlier: in the era of automobile intelligence, only giants have enough resources to invest, and it is very difficult for ordinary companies to survive in a "more voluminous" market. BYD is stable, and if others want to live, they have to follow Huawei. Of course, as more and more car companies join Huawei's smart car selection, Huawei will also face certain challenges at the marketing level. It is worth noting that at the launch of Huawei's full-scene new products in the autumn, Yu Chengdong is still full of praise for the car intelligence world S7, which cooperates with Huawei. More bluntly, Wisdom S7 will surpass Model S in all specifications. However, it remains to be seen whether Wisdom S7 can fully surpass Model S after its listing.

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