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Is there a discount for ideal car distributors? The official refutes the rumor

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On September 27, the legal Department of ideal Automobile issued a statement saying that recently, some users have reported that some lawbreakers have sold vehicles in the name of ideal car distributors. In view of the above illegal act of impersonating the name of ideal car to infringe upon the rights and interests of consumers, ideal Automobile has taken legal measures to investigate the legal liability of the parties concerned.


The ideal Automobile Law Department pointed out in a statement that in order to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers, it solemnly declared: 1. Ideal car is a direct marketing model, which has never authorized other operators to sell vehicles, nor has it authorized any unofficial channels to publish preferential policies or information. Please be sure to purchase vehicles through the official channels of ideal car (including ideal car website, ideal car store, ideal car APP, ideal car Mini Program) to protect the property safety of you and your family.

Ideal Motor said: "there is a great risk in the preferential policies or preferential information of any unofficial channel. Please be vigilant to prevent you from being deceived." At the same time, under the Weibo post, ideal Automobile posted two pictures, one showing the channel distribution cooperation agreement of the ideal car, and the other showing the card number and personal information of the payee of the ideal car. Ideal car said that both pictures were fake and reminded prospective car owners not to be fooled.

According to Automotive Industry concern, the ideal car launched the official Weibo of the Ministry of Justice in September last year, which means that the ideal car will protect its rights and interests through legal means. Just one day after the opening of the new official microblog, ideal Motor posted on the Weibo account that it was suing netizens for spreading rumors, and the Weibo topic quickly rushed to the hot search list of microblogs.

People in the industry believe that the above situation of the ideal car may be related to its rising sales in recent years. According to the official Weibo announcement on September 26th, ideal car will continue to top the sales list of new power brands in China with weekly sales of 9000 vehicles in the 39th week of 2023. In addition, ideal car ranks fifth in the sales list of luxury brands in China with 9000 units delivered, ahead of other traditional luxury brands except BBA and Tesla.


As of September 24, the cumulative sales of ideal cars this month was 29200, continuing to lead the new forces. Ideal Motor said it had topped the domestic SUV sales list of more than 300000 yuan for five months in a row. Data show that in August this year, ideal delivered a total of 34914 new cars, according to the current delivery situation analysis, ideal car delivery in September is expected to exceed 30, 000.

As one of the new domestic car-building forces, up to now, ideal car models on sale include ideal L9, L8 and L7 models. In addition to the above models, ideal Motor's latest flagship model, MEGA, will be officially launched in December this year and delivered in February 2024. "the ideal MEGA will be the top seller of more than 500000, regardless of energy form or car body form," the official said. " According to the plan, in the third quarter of this year, the goal of the ideal L8 and ideal L9 is to deliver more than 10,000 vehicles per month. The ideal L7 challenges the monthly delivery target of 15000 vehicles and challenges the monthly delivery of 40, 000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year.


It is worth mentioning that the 500,000 production car of ideal car also officially went off the line on September 25. It is understood that it took only 100 days for the ideal car to go offline from the 400,000th production vehicle to the 500th production vehicle, and the delivery of the 500,000 car was officially completed on September 27.

According to the plan, the period from 2023 to 2025 will be the most important three years for ideal cars from stage 1 to 10. The goal of ideal cars is to achieve the first sales of all luxury brands in the Chinese market, with a delivery volume of 1.6 million vehicles per year.

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