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Apple's car project fell through? Analyst: it has disappeared

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According to reports, Guo Mingyi, a well-known analyst who has followed Apple for years, once again expressed his views on Apple cars. Guo Mingyi wrote that Apple's car project has "disappeared" at this stage, and that if it wants to start production "in the next few years", the best solution is to buy car companies and use existing solutions to enter the car market. It believes that the current development of the Apple Car has "lost any visibility", and pointed out: "if Apple does not adopt the acquisition strategy to enter the car market, I doubt whether Apple cars can be put into mass production in the next few years."

It has been reported that Apple plans to test the Apple Car in 2025 with the goal of launching in 2026, but given the current situation, the plan may have fallen through and is unlikely to be completed on time.

In January, a "rumored Apple car may sell for $90,000" went viral on Weibo, with media reports saying that the price of the Apple Car could be around $90, 000 (about 609000 yuan) and that a new car could be released in 2026. But since then, there has been little news about Apple building cars. Earlier, there was news that Apple's goal was to launch a car as early as 2026 at a price below $100000.


Looking back at Apple's car-building process, its car-building plan has been going on for about a decade. In 2014, Apple proposed a car-building plan, but the progress of its car-building has been hazy. In March last year, Guo Mingchi revealed that the Apple car team had been disbanded and that the 2025 release was in danger. In April of the same year, media reported that the Apple Electric vehicle Apple Car, like Tesla, might adopt a centrally integrated operating system (OS), with Korean manufacturers assisting in the development of the self-driving sensor part of the field controller (Domain Control Unit;DCU).

In addition, Guo Mingyi once revealed: "if Apple wants to achieve mass production in 2025, then the team must be reorganized within 3-6 months." Until now, however, Apple Motor has not made any progress to disclose.

In 2014, Apple proposed the "Titan Plan," the internal code name for Apple's car-building program, led by Steve Zadesky, the leader of the original iPod team. Although Apple spent several years on the project, the process did not go smoothly, and the Titan team was reported to have been disbanded or restructured before. In 2016, Apple froze the team's hiring because unnamed executives were dissatisfied with the progress. Apple was able to restart car-building when Doug Field, a former Apple executive, returned in 2018, but Doug then left, and in January 2019, Apple announced that it would fire 200 employees of the Titan program.


At the end of 2020, a number of media reported that Apple made stock requirements to Taiwan auto parts factories in Taiwan, such as Heda, FTU, Heqin, Futian and so on, and other related manufacturers were also included in the first wave of the supply chain. Apple's first electric car, the Apple Car, is expected to be officially unveiled in the third quarter of 2021, but it is generally believed that it is very unrealistic for Apple to launch the Apple Car in the third quarter of 2021. And pointed out that Apple will not be able to produce cars until 2024 at the earliest, and there has been little news about Apple cars since then.


Obviously, after 10 years of gestation, the progress of Apple car is not clear. However, despite the repeated ticket jumps in Apple's mass production, the test of Apple's self-driving car has not stopped. In March, the number of self-driving cars tested by Apple was still 67, but the number of drivers tested increased, according to macReports.

So, people think, can the Apple car, which has been brewing for 10 years, be available? In an interview with the media, an analyst said it was only a matter of time before the launch of Apple's car, which predicted the launch of the first self-driving car, the AppleCar, in 2026.

It is nothing new for tech giants to enter the ranks of car builders. It should be noted that building cars is not a short-term achievement, but for Apple, it took nearly a decade to invest a lot of resources to build cars, and so far there has been no substantial development. It's really amazing. Industry insiders believe that wavering strategy and executive infighting or Apple cars are one of the key reasons for the delay. In addition, the process of building Apple cars has lagged far behind other new car-building powers. ten years have passed in the highly competitive car market, and Apple cars are still "standing still." therefore, even if Apple cars achieve mass production, it will also face a fierce competitive environment.

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