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The first is the investigation of automobile after-sales service.

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The satisfaction of automobile sales service is of great significance to the major automobile brands, which is also an important factor that constitutes brand word-of-mouth and product reputation. On September 28th, J.D.Power, a consumer insight and market research institution, released the "2023 China after-sales Service satisfaction Research SM (CSI)" report. According to the report, the overall after-sales service satisfaction score of China's automobile industry in 2023 was 759, an increase compared with the same period last year. Among them, the after-sales service satisfaction of luxury brands has increased significantly, while the mainstream brands of fuel vehicles have been impacted by new energy vehicles, and both international mainstream brands and independent brands have declined compared with 2022.


The object of this study is to evaluate the satisfaction of fuel vehicle owners who have owned cars for 13 to 48 months with their service experience in brand authorized dealerships in the past 12 months. Luxury car brands, mainstream car brands and auto brands in China's independent brand segments are ranked. The investigation was conducted through six aspects: service team (19%), service facilities (18%), reception and diagnosis (18%), service value (16%), service quality (16%) and appointment (12%).

The research shows that in the 2023 ranking of China's after-sales service satisfaction, the average scores of luxury car brands, mainstream car brands and Chinese independent brands are 785,753,751 respectively. Among the subdivided brands, Audi ranks first among luxury brands; Guangzhou Auto Honda ranks first among mainstream brands; FAW Red Flag, GAC MOTOR and Geely rank first as independent brands.

In the luxury brand ranking, a total of four major brands reached the industry average. Audi topped the luxury brand after-sales service satisfaction list with 798 points, while Audi also topped the list with a score of 786 points in the same period last year. This year's score has improved.


Land Rover ranked second with 786 points, while Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz tied for third place with 785 points. It should be noted that in the BBA camp, the after-sales service satisfaction of the BMW brand is only 780 points, which is lower than the industry average, obviously opening the gap with Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

In the mainstream car brand ranking, there are 16 brands that have reached the industry average, and the brand ranking has changed a lot compared with 2022. Specifically, Guangzhou Auto Honda topped the list with 778 points, and this is also the car brand that has won the three championships of J.D. Power SSI/CSI/IQS for three consecutive years. FAW Red Flag, GAC MOTOR and Geely tied for second place with 771 points. It is worth mentioning that Guangzhou Auto Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, BYD, FAW-Volkswagen and so on are all below the industry average.


In the ranking of Chinese independent brands, there are six brands that have reached the industry average, among which FAW Hongqi, GAC MOTOR and Geely tied for the first place on the list. Chery, Lecker and Roewe ranked second to fourth on the list with 767,758,754 points respectively.


Generally speaking, the overall after-sales service satisfaction of the luxury car market is significantly higher than that of independent brands and joint venture brands, which is also the reason why the sales service satisfaction of luxury brands is higher than that of the latter. The research shows that reservation, service quality and service value are the top three factors that have the greatest impact on international mainstream brands and independent brands. In addition, the study also found that traditional fuel car brands should further impose the operation of APP, the introduction of service packages can better enhance the customer experience, while users who have been to unauthorized stores for regular maintenance, general repairs or accident car repairs are more likely to lose.

This year is the 23rd consecutive year that Jundi has released a SM (CSI) report on the satisfaction of after-sales service in China. According to the data, J.D. Power was founded in 1968, headquartered in Westlake Village, California, USA. In China, J.D. Power conducts joint automobile research and enterprise customization research. By collecting consumer feedback on many products and services, it has won high recognition in the global industrial and commercial circles in terms of automobile customer satisfaction index.

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