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Tesla lost the case! Compensation of 3000 RMB

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On Sept. 28, a Weibo netizen posted on his Weibo that he had won in suing Tesla. At the same time, it also exposed the relevant contents and litigation requests of the first instance judgment of the Beijing Daxing District people's Court. As can be seen from the pictures released by the netizen, the main demands for the prosecution of Tesla are the replacement of HW3.0 and compensation of 10, 000 yuan and so on. According to the judgment, Tesla lost the case, compensated 3000 yuan and replaced the user's vehicle at the same time.



According to the user's Weibo content, he bought an imported Tesla Model 3P in 2019, shipped the car to China in January 2020, picked up the car on March 5 of the same year, and found that his car was using HW2.5 in October. This year, Tesla filed a case in July, opened an online trial in August, and won the first trial in September.


For why 3 years later to sue Tesla, the netizen also explained on Weibo: I wanted to forget it, 2.5 can also be opened. Later found that 2.5 wipers are mentally retarded, 2.5 more likely to crash, 2.5 more frequent ghost brakes, but also experienced wiper failure, window failure, autopilot failure, camera failure, recorder failure, etc., alive is a miracle, and many features 3.0 exclusive, such as the newly updated traffic light reminder. In addition, it also said that the prosecution process is simple, as long as 25 yuan, website submission papers, summary procedures do not need to hire a lawyer, and do not have to go to court, the whole video hearing, with a mobile phone or computer, or even do not appear in court, Buddhist and other judgments. Finally, it is also pointed out that the purpose of suing Tesla this time is to learn the litigation process. Tesla has yet to respond to the netizen's post.


For the netizen's post, also attracted the attention of many network people, some netizens said: I am an imported version of model3 lr, pick up the car a little earlier than you, is also hw2.5, it is estimated that half a year later, the specific time forgot, they called me to drive to the service center to change hw3, directly changed. You're still in a lawsuit. In addition, some netizens asked online for help and commented that when I bought the car, I asked whether the hw2.5 chip was 2.5 or 3.0, and he didn't give me a clear reply. What should I do? In response to the netizen's request for help, the blogger also responded to the comment: Tesla 2019.04.26 official account posted an article, and cars since that day are all 3.0.



In fact, about Tesla HW2.5, there were many netizens exposed on the network as early as 2020. Some netizens posted that the domestic Model3 made by Tesla, which they bought in 2020, clearly wrote hw3.0 hardware, but installed hw2.5 hardware.


Then Tesla officially released a note on the EIA list of Model 3 made in China on March 3, 2020, in which it said: due to the influence of the supply chain, some domestic standard life and upgrade versions of Model 3 have installed HW2.5 hardware. With the recovery of supply chain capacity, all domestic standard life and upgrade Model 3 owners equipped with HW2.5 hardware will be replaced free of charge for HW3.0 hardware as planned. At the same time, officials also said: at this stage, if there is no optional FSD function, there is basically no difference in driving experience and safety between the Model 3 model using HW2.5 and the Model 3 model of HW3.0.


It is understood that the main differences between HW2.5 hardware and HW3.0 hardware are image processing capabilities and energy consumption. For example, HW2.5 hardware uses the Drive PX2 computing platform customized by Nvidia, while 3.0 uses a new computing platform specially built by Tesla for FSD. Its autopilot chip has image processing capacity of 2300 frames per second, 21 times that of HW2.5, and computing power has increased by about 7 times. In terms of energy consumption, the energy consumption of HW3.0 is 1.25 times that of HW2.5, and the peak power of H2.5 is 57W and the peak power is 72W.

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