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From 330000 RMB! Tank 500, tank 300 listed in Thailand

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Today, Great Wall Motor announced that Tank 300 and Tank 500 are listed in Thailand.


Among them, the price range of Tank 300 is 1.649 million baht-1.799 million baht (about 330,000 yuan-360,000 yuan), and the price range of Tank 500 is 2.049 million baht-2.269 million baht (about 410,000 yuan-454,000 yuan). The official said that the tank 300 and tank 500 were listed in Thailand: this is the first market for Great Wall Motor tank new energy models to be listed outside China. It is a great pleasure to launch these two new models in the Thai market, which is a milestone in Thailand's new energy off-road SUV market.



It is worth noting that Great Wall Motors has launched many models in Thailand in recent years. On February 9,2021, Great Wall Motor launched the GWM brand in Thailand. The official said that the GWM brand will take "new energy, new intelligence and new experience" as the brand value, devote itself to becoming the leading brand of new energy in Thailand, support Thailand to become the manufacturing hub of new energy vehicles in Southeast Asia region, and plan to launch 9 models dominated by new energy vehicles for the Thai market within three years. At present, GWM has Haval H6 HEV, Haval JOLION HEV, Euler good cat and other new energy models.


Relevant information shows that the tank brand is a high-end off-road brand owned by Great Wall Motor, which was released in April 2021. There are three models on sale: Tank 300, Tank 500 and Tank 400 Hi4-T. Among them, Tank 300 will be launched in December 2020, with a price range of 175,800 - 213,800 yuan. Earlier, it belonged to the Great Wall WEY. With the release of the tank brand, Tank 300 was also included in the tank brand, and the WEY standard previously carried was replaced with TANK standard. In July 2021, the tank 300 city version was launched, with a price range of 200 - 230,000 yuan. After that, the tank brand was successively launched based on the tank 300, such as tank 300 cyber tank, border limited edition, Fenglin Iron Cavalry, Tank Ranger and other modified models.


Tank 500 went on sale on March 18 last year. The new car launched a total of four models, including business version and sports version, all priced at 335,000 - 355,000 yuan. Tank 400 Hi4-T was launched on September 25. Two new models were launched, with a price range of 279,800 - 289,800 yuan. As a 200,000-yuan off-road SUV, Tank 300 has been favored by the market by virtue of its price advantage. Relevant data show that the annual sales volume of Tank 300 in 2022 is 100864. From January to July 2023, the cumulative sales volume of Tank 300 was 52737, accounting for 86% of the total sales volume of tank brands. The cumulative sales volume of tank 500 in 2022 was 22094, and the cumulative sales volume from January to July this year was 8784. According to the official plan, the future tank brand will also launch models such as tank 700 and tank 800, and the future products will cover the compact, medium and large and full size "high-end off-road SUV" market.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in China, the share of Great Wall Motor in the fuel vehicle market is also constantly shrinking, while new energy products have not yet appeared to be able to pick up the crossbeam. Against this background, accelerating the pace of overseas markets has also become very urgent.

In recent years, Great Wall Motors has also accelerated the layout of overseas markets. In July 2022 last year, Tank 300 was listed in Saudi Arabia and Tank 500 appeared. The official said that the tank 300 was listed in Saudi Arabia, marking the official launch of the tank brand as a new category of high-end off-road vehicles. Saudi Arabia is the first stop for the tank brand to go to sea. In addition, Xu Huanzhi, general manager of Great Wall Motor Middle East, once said that tanks were born in the world, based on the Chinese market, took the lead in establishing the leading position in the category. On this basis, the global overseas market was rapidly distributed. As a global off-road high-potential market, the Middle East was the first station for the advancement of tank globalization. Tank brand balances off-road and urban scenes, deeply explores the demands of new generations of users in the Middle East, and opens up new categories of high-end off-road SUV.


This year, the Great Wall Motor Tank 500 has been launched in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and other countries for six times. For the sea plan, Great Wall Motor put forward a new strategic goal of selling 1 million vehicles overseas in 2025 at the 2021 Overseas Dealer Conference earlier. Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor, has repeatedly stressed that if a brand wants to succeed, it must be an international brand. Independent brands want to go out, the chance of living is still very big, do not go out only a dead end.

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