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Increase the quantity, not the price! The new Tesla Model Y is on the market.

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Today, Tesla officially announced that the new Tesla Model Y is on the market, starting at 263900 yuan. Among them, Tesla Model Y rear wheel drive version 263900 yuan, long-range version 299900 yuan, high-performance version 349900 yuan.


It is understood that the new Model Y has been upgraded in interior details and power performance. The older model adds multi-color atmosphere lights and brand-new dashboard decoration using high-tech textile materials. In addition, with 19-inch Gemini wheels, the rear-wheel drive version accelerates from 6.9 seconds to 5.9 seconds, one second shorter than the previous model. In short, it further enhances the competitiveness of the product while keeping the price unchanged. According to Tesla's official website, the delivery date of the new Model Y rear wheel drive version and high-performance version is expected to be 2-6 weeks, while the long-lasting version is 6-8 weeks. Officials say the new Model Y is currently only available for the Chinese mainland market.


Appearance: consistent with the old style, the front face is designed with a closed grille, and the headlights on both sides are blackened. The lower encircling position adopts a three-stage design, the two sides are equipped with small-size diversion grooves, and the bottom position adopts the trapezoidal air intake design, which improves the overall motion sense of the vehicle. The rear position of the car is also a concise style, using a "duckling tail" design to highlight the movement of the vehicle, with the Model Y logo on the lower right, which improves the recognition of the vehicle. The side of the car body, the use of slip-back style with simple and smooth lines. The waistline of the car body is a segmented design, which strengthens the hierarchical sense of the side of the vehicle. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car body are 4750/1921/1624mm and the wheelbase is 2890mm.


In terms of power, the power information of the new model has not yet been officially released, only revealed in the promotional pictures that the 100km acceleration time of the Model Y rear-drive version has increased from 6.9s to 5.9s. With reference to the power information of the 2022 Model Y, the 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel drive version is equipped with a single motor and lithium iron phosphate battery with a pure electric mileage of 545km. Model Y long-range all-wheel drive version is equipped with front and rear dual motors + four-wheel drive system, matching ternary lithium battery, pure electric mileage can reach 660km.


Relevant data show that Model Y, as Tesla's first domestic SUV model, was launched in 2021, with a total of long-lasting version and high-performance version, of which the long-lasting version of Model Y starts at 339900 yuan and the high-performance version of Performance starts at 369900 yuan. In March of the same year, Tesla China announced an increase of 8000 yuan in the price of domestic Model Y models, including the long-lasting version from 339900 yuan to 347900 yuan, and the high-performance version from 369900 yuan to 377900 yuan. Tesla launched the Model Y standard continued flight version in July 2021, and the price of the new car is 276000.

In August this year, Tesla announced that the starting price of the long-lasting version of Model Y would be reduced from 313900 yuan to 299900 yuan, and the price of the high-performance version of Model Y would be reduced from 363900 yuan to 349900 yuan, a discount of 14000 yuan. With regard to Tesla's price reduction, Tesla Vice President of Foreign Affairs Tao Lin once said, "behind Tesla's price adjustment, there are numerous engineering innovations." in essence, it is a unique excellent law of cost control: including not limited to vehicle integrated design, production line design, supply chain management, and even millisecond optimization of robotic arm coordination route. Proceed from the "first principle" and insist on pricing at cost. Respond to the national call with practical actions to promote economic development and unleash the potential of consumption. "

Or thanks to the advantage of price, the sales of Model Y have been rising recently. Related data show that Tesla Model Y sold 51117 vehicles in August, up 64.3% from the same period last year, accounting for 79.01% of Tesla's total sales in China in August.


This time, for Tesla to launch the new Model Y model, to a certain extent, it has something to do with the current price war and fierce competition in the new energy market. At present, with the opening of the price war, more and more car companies are taking corresponding measures to improve the productivity of their models, including direct price reduction, the introduction of modified models without price increase, and the launch of new models.

Of course, no matter which way you choose, you just want to enhance the competitiveness of your products in the market. Tesla launched the Model Y model, which is modified and upgraded on the basis of the original vehicle, which can not only save R & D, but also save a lot of time and economic costs, which is a good strategy. Some relevant organizations have pointed out that the price of Model Y may still have room to decline in the future. With the progress of battery technology and the large-scale application of low-cost LFP (lithium iron phosphate battery), the entry-level price of Tesla Model Y will go down further.

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