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The latest complaint list: the two major brands take the top ten

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According to the data of Automotive Complaints website "Automotive quality Network", the list of automobile complaints in September 2023. Judging from the list, the top 10 models on the list are owned by Toyota and BYD, with Camry of Guangzhou Automobile Toyota topping the list with 1010 complaints, far ahead of BYD Song PLUS and FAW Toyota RAV4.


In terms of specific models, the model with the highest number of complaints in September is GAC Toyota Camry. The main complaint problems are imperfect engine system, unable to upgrade and audio-visual system failure. The main complaints come from 2021 and 2019 models.

Speaking of Japanese models, the first impression of many consumers is conservative, old, and the current market mainstream of new energy vehicles lag behind at least an era. In February 2021, GAC Toyota launched a medium-term revamped Camry, which was mainly adjusted for appearance and interior decoration, including a 10.1-inch suspended central control screen and a 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard, significantly improving the sense of technology in the car. It is understood that the new car carries intelligent voice interaction, in-car Wechat, Amap, Baidu CarLife, and the system supports OTA online upgrade, compared with the old model in the application experience has been significantly improved.



However, in the eyes of many car owners, there are still many problems with the Camry's intelligent experience. The owner of the complaint claimed that the Camry's OTA function was non-existent and could not download and install other on-board software. In addition, Camry's start-up time response is slow, Gaud's navigation error is large, route planning is unreasonable, and map data is not updated.


To this end, Camry owners require Guangzhou Auto Toyota to optimize and upgrade the car engine system carlife, carplay and hicar functions, and open the authority to download and install car machine software, and strongly demand that Fengyun line APP be updated with 2023 consistent interfaces and functions, and update App door opening function.

In addition to Camry, RAV4 Rongfang, a subsidiary of FAW Toyota, has also been complained about the same problem. According to the owner's complaint, RAV4 Rongfang's hip-pulling machine has been bought for more than a year without an OTA upgrade. When using CarPlay, there is a serious deviation in navigation and positioning, which seriously affects the use, and it is found that many car owners have analogy problems in the forum, and a few areas can be solved by updating the system in 4S stores, but in most areas, 4S stores say that they have not received the update, and the OTA of the car itself has not pushed the update.

At present, the Camry, RAV4 Rong release machine hip-pulling problem, the official has not yet responded.

In addition, in addition to Camry and RAV4, Toyota brands Ruizhi, Crown and Corolla also appeared on the list, and complaints about these three models remain unresolved due to aging problems, including cracked dashboards, and older models. To this end, Toyota has also become the brand with the most complaints about models on the list.

In terms of other models, the second is Song PLUS New Energy from BYD, and the main complaint is that the engine is forced to start in EV mode. According to the description of the owner, the Song PLUS new energy model forcibly starts the engine without any hint in the fully charged mode, causing economic losses to the owner.



The list shows that Song PLUS New Energy, Han, Tang New Energy and Song Pro New Energy, which are owned by BYD, also have similar problems, while BYD has yet to respond to complaints from car owners.

Overall, the problems with models and brands on the list in September are nothing new compared with previous months, which means that car companies are inefficient in handling consumer complaints and insufficient to address pain points, while the brands on the list are mainly concentrated in BYD and Toyota. It means that the problems of these two brands are more prominent and need a more positive attitude to solve the problems of users.

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