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The latest recruitment information has been exposed, Xiaomi car may launch an added model.

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A few days ago, Xiaomi officially issued a recruitment inspiration for engineers in the design and development of extended-range systems, and the industry speculated that Xiaomi is expected to launch extended-range models.


According to the job description on the recruitment advertisement, the design and development engineer of the extended range system will be responsible for the design and development and test verification of the extended range system, and will be responsible for promoting the detailed design and engineering development of the parts in the extended range system. Responsible for the supplier R & D capability and program review, assist the supply chain to complete the fixed point; responsible for pushing the supplier to complete the development, verification, acceptance and other work of the extended system as required And responsible for cutting-edge technology research of extended range system products, standard industry leading products, regular formation of resource pool analysis reports, etc.

At present, we do not rule out the possibility that Xiaomi will launch an extended model: one is the extended version of the first model, the first is the pure electric version, and then the extended version will be launched; the second is the first model is pure electric model, and the second model is the added model.

At present, the most representative add-program manufacturer in China is the ideal car, and the monthly sales of L9, L8 and L7 models have reached more than 10,000 vehicles. In addition, including Deep Blue Automobile, Zero running Motor, AITO, Nezha Automobile, Lantu Automobile and so on, all have a layout in the hybrid market of Zengji. However, according to the mass production of Xiaomi car in 2024, the launch of the hybrid model is obviously later, will there be another opportunity then?


It has been two and a half years since the Lei officer Xuan Xiaomi Group built the car on March 30, 2021, and it is only eight months from its planned time for mass production. At present, the mass production of Xiaomi car is still in an orderly manner, but eight months seems a little tight.

The progress of Xiaomi car is of great concern to the outside world. In August this year, Xiaomi car was tested in Turpan, Xinjiang. Lei Jun and other senior executives came to the scene to "supervise" Xiaomi car test results. Since then, it has been revealed that Xiaomi has been qualified to produce new energy vehicles, marking an important step towards the smartphone maker's goal of "producing cars early next year", but Xiaomi did not respond to market rumors.

The following month, a source close to Xiaomi told Interface News that Xiaomi is now in trial production, producing about 50 sample cars a week. According to reports, trial production is one of the most important tasks before mass production, which can test whether the equipment of the production line runs smoothly, the connection of working procedures, the proficiency of workers, and the overall inspection of product consistency. If the sample car has similar problems in the process of testing, it will further investigate and debug the production line, otherwise it will prove that the production line is basically qualified and can enter the stage of mass production.


Therefore, it should be very clear whether Xiaomi has obtained the production qualification, even if Xiaomi officials have not publicly responded. It is understood that at present, Xiaomi Automobile Yizhuang factory is recruiting workshop workers on a large scale, with an average salary of 6000 to 7000 yuan, working hours of eight hours a day, two days off on weekends and starting at any time, but Xiaomi Automobile has very strict recruitment standards for regular employees, and it is difficult to succeed without relevant experience.

If nothing happens, Xiaomi's first model will be unveiled and put on the market in the first half of 2024, but according to Xiaomi's brand image, it will be very difficult for its first model to enter the high-end market like NIO. Especially in the context of today's hot-selling models in volume product power and performance-to-price ratio, the market pricing of Xiaomi cars is crucial.


Lei Jun said, "Life is a marathon, and the success or failure at 01:15 is not so important." All the difficult problems in life will be answered in the course of growth. "

Car-building is a long-term business, and Wei Xiaoli in the new power only makes profits for ideal cars, while NIO and Xiaopeng have not yet achieved self-hematopoiesis. Xiaomi, which announced that car-building Xiaomi will invest a lot of resources and energy, will be a huge financial burden and will continue to affect Xiaomi's profitability and even the development of the main industry. For Lei Jun, this is the last battle of life, success or failure is only between a thought.

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