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Accord returned to the level of 10,000 vehicles, Guangzhou Auto Honda sales announced

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A few days ago, Guangzhou Auto Honda announced its September sales. Data show that Guangzhou Auto Honda sold 61442 vehicles in September, up 0.97% from a year earlier and 44.7% from a month earlier, achieving month-on-month growth. It is understood that Guangzhou Auto Honda in September, a total of three models sales of more than 10,000, respectively, Accord, Haoying, style.

The new-generation Accord sold 15338 vehicles in September, with a cumulative sales of 115120 in the first three quarters. The new generation Accord officially launched on May 20, launching a total of seven models with fuel version and plug-in version, with a price range of 17.98-258800 yuan. However, the Accord's market performance after the replacement is not impressive, with sales of 9008, 7110 and 6915 respectively from June to August, especially in August, when Accord fell to 12th in the midsize car market. not as good as Camry, Passat, Teana, Regal and other similar models. As the main selling model of Guangzhou Auto Honda, once the sales of Accord are depressed, the impact on Guangzhou Automobile Honda is also huge. Guangzhou Auto Honda sold only 42157 vehicles in August.


In September, Accord sales returned to the level of 10,000 vehicles again, the high probability is related to the sharp price reduction, the current terminal market discount is between 30,000 yuan and 40,000 yuan. In addition, the Guangzhou area will launch preferential activities such as limited time delivery of Guangdong A blue brand or 100% preferential policies for energy conservation targets before October 31. The sharp reduction in terminal prices has led to a rise in the sex-to-price ratio of Accord, but it is also unknown whether it can maintain the market heat since then.

Haoying sold 14622 vehicles, with a cumulative sales of 85843 in the first three quarters. The new Haoying went on sale on December 23, 2022, with a price range of 18.59-263900 yuan, including gasoline version, HEV gas-electric hybrid version and PHEV plug-in hybrid version. As a sister car of CR-V, Haoying's performance is relatively stable, with an average monthly sales of about 10,000 vehicles.


The model sold 14241 vehicles, with a cumulative sales of 84677 in the first three quarters. The whole model is equipped with a high-power 1.5T four-cylinder turbocharged engine and provides a manual version for consumers to choose from, but compared with the main "Civic", the performance of the model in the end market is still very popular, and the market potential needs to be tapped.


In addition, Guangzhou Auto Honda also reported Odyssey sales, which were 4306 in September and 29517 in the first three quarters. The main competitors of Odyssey include Buick GL8, Toyota Senna and fellow Ericsson, while more and more independent brands are setting up the high-end MPV market, and when launching models such as Teng Tou D9, Lantu Dreamer and Polar Krypton 009, the market position of traditional MPV such as Odyssey is also under threat. However, Guangzhou Auto Honda has re-opened a new channel for the Odyssey to reverse export to Japan.


The higher-than-expected development of the new energy vehicle market, especially the strong rise of BYD in the plug-in hybrid market in 2022, has led to the weakening of the competitive advantage accumulated by Japanese brands in the fuel vehicle market through high word-of-mouth and low energy consumption. market share is gradually lost. A fact that is happening is that joint venture brands are losing pricing power in the Chinese market.

Ping an Securities Research News pointed out that independent mixed models will accelerate the replacement of fuel and joint venture fuel, the lack of corresponding technology and product reserves of joint venture brands, market share will not escape the fate of further decline.

The research newspaper believes that at present, the transformation speed of the joint venture automobile company is obviously slow, and the driving force for improvement is obviously insufficient, facing more problems from the shareholder level, the product level, and the channel level. the successful joint venture model in the past has become an obstacle on the new road in front of Tesla and independent brands, and the 50-50 joint venture model has become more and more difficult to sustain.

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