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Or sell 180000! Lecker 06 EM-P official picture released

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On October 9th, the official picture of the small SUV-- Lecker 06 EM-P model of Lecker Automobile was officially released. The appearance of the new car uses the second generation family design language of Lecker, which is more stylish and avant-garde in shape, and is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine and a drive motor. It is understood that the new car will be officially launched for the fourth time this year, and the price is expected to start at 180000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car uses the second generation of family design language, the overall shape of bold, radical, this is also the second model after Lecker 08 using the latest design language. Specifically, the new car headlight group is integrated with the grille, and the flat and minimalist shape also creates a good sense of the future. At the same time, the double-edged lines of the car body extending back from the day lights become more three-dimensional after the front surround shape has been redesigned.

On the side of the body, the new car maintains the same design style as the current Lecker 06. The simple lines of the body, the staggered waistline makes the body more dynamic, and the blackened eyebrows with large-size five-spoke wheels also make the vehicle look more fashionable. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4350/1820/1625mm, wheelbase is 2640mm, positioning small SUV. As a comparison, the length, width and height of the cash Linke 06 are 4340/1820/1625mm, and the wheelbase is 2640mm, that is to say, compared with the current Linke 06, only the length of the new car has increased by 10mm, and other data remain unchanged. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with a new style of through-through taillight design, both sides of the lamp group for the flying wing shape, the brand LOGO embedded in the central position, the overall recognition is very high. In addition, the new car also moves the license plate frame down to the rear surrounding position, and the exhaust is changed to a hidden design, combined with the exaggerated diffuser below and the shape of the roof spoiler, making the whole car more sporty and fashionable at the same time.



In the interior part, the new car also adopts a new design style, the overall shape and layout is simple, and the color matching of warm colors looks quite warm. The car is equipped with a full liquid crystal instrument, a large suspended central control screen and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and there are almost no physical buttons in the central control position, so the overall sense of science and technology is full.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, which is composed of a BHE15 NA 1.5L high efficiency engine and a P1+P3 double motor, in which the P3 drive motor power reaches 160kW, the maximum comprehensive power of the system is 220kW, and the maximum torque of the system is 568Nm.

Lectra is a high-end brand joint venture between Geely Automobile Group and Volvo Automobile Group, in which Geely Motor owns 50%, Volvo Motor 30% and Geely Holdings 20%.


At present, Lecker is selling fuel vehicles including Linked01, Lectra 02, LinkedIn 03Universe 03+, LinkedIn 05, and new energy vehicles Linke 01 PHEV, 02 PHEV, 05 PHEV, 09 MHEV/PHEV and so on. Among them, Lectra 06 is a small SUV model, which was also launched in September 2010. a total of five models were launched, which were equipped with fuel version, MHEV mild hybrid version and PHEV plug-in hybrid version. at that time, the price range of the car was 118600 yuan to 158600 yuan. On October 1, 2022, the new Lecker 06 new car was named Lengke 06 Remix. A total of 9 models were launched. The power still offers both fuel version and PHEV version. Among them, the price range of fuel version is 11.86-139800 yuan; the price range of PHEV version is 16.68-171800 yuan.


Retail data show that from January to August in 2023, the brand sold 109209 vehicles, with the top three models being LEC 06, 03 and 01, with sales of 42627, 40204 and 10427 respectively.


According to the plan, by 2025, all Lectra's products will be equipped with LinkedIn's intelligent electric hybrid technology to electrify the entire range of products, but at present, the sales of LinkedIn's new energy models are very mediocre, taking August retail sales as an example, LinkedIn 09 EM-P sold 1798 vehicles, while the other three models all sold less than 500s. Obviously, it will take a long time for Lecker new energy models to become the main consumption force.

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