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Another hard-line SUV! Harvard Raptor appears on the market

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On October 10, the Harvard brand announced the official launch of its new SUV-- Harvard Raptor, which launched a total of three models with a price range of 16.58-183800 yuan. It is understood that the Haveron Raptor, code-named B26, will be sold by Haveron, with a hardline off-road design style, a 1.5T Hi4 plug-in hybrid system and a rear axle differential lock.


In terms of appearance, the Harvard Raptor as a whole adopts a hard off-road design style, the interior of the quadrilateral grille is designed with rugged double three horizontal grids, and is embellished with exposed rivets, and the front face is a brand new "HAVAL" English logo. There are retro round headlights on both sides, and the design of the headlights and front bumper is basically the same as that of the Harvard Dog. In addition, the front of the new car is surrounded and the lower part of the door is protected by anti-friction panels, which is very hard.

The side of the body, the shape of the new car is also more square, the wheel arch protrudes outward, with a black side skirt with off-road style and black five-spoke rims, creating a good sense of strength. In the rear part, the shape of the Haver Raptor is similar to that of the Land Rover Guardian, with split square taillights on both sides, external spare tires, side open design and optional trailer hooks. In terms of size, the Harvard Raptor has a length, width and height of 4800/1916/1822mm and a wheelbase of 2738mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior design of the Harvard Raptor is basically the same as that of the second-generation big dog, and a row of physical buttons are retained under the large-size suspended central control screen. After all, it is a product that is oriented to a certain off-road scene and can enhance the driver's operation while driving the vehicle, while the steering wheel and dashboard are basically the same as the Harvard second-generation big dog. In addition, the car is equipped with panoramic skylights, the vehicle space performance is also good.

In terms of power, the Harvard Raptor will be equipped with the latest Hi4 hybrid technology of the Great Wall and a power system composed of a 1.5T engine and a dual motor. The engine model is GW4B15E, with a maximum power of 123kW and a maximum torque of 243N ·m. It is understood that the hybrid system is divided into two versions: 19.09Kwhr-lithium iron phosphate version of the system integrated power 278kW, comprehensive torque 750N ·m, NEDC pure electric battery life 102km. 27.54kwhr-lithium iron phosphate version system integrated power 282kW, comprehensive torque 750N ·m, NEDC pure electric battery life 145km. Both systems support V2L external discharge technology and fast charging.

Data show that the Harvard brand sold 495900 vehicles from January to September 2023, up 9.10% from the same period last year, of which September sales were 73766, up 36.70% from the same period last year. After entering 2023, Harvard brand has launched a number of new energy vehicles such as Harvard II Big Dog and Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX. If Harvard brand wants to achieve success in the new energy vehicle market, it must enrich the product range, improve brand awareness and accelerate strategic transformation.


At present, there are many but chaotic products on sale under the Harvard brand, such as H5, H6, H9, M6 of the alphabet series, Hafer Dogs of the dog series, Haft II Dogs, Haverku Dogs, Haft Owl Dragons / Owl Dragons MAX, Haver Raptors, as well as Haver Red Rabbit, Harvard Divine Beast and other models that do not know which category they belong to. Generally speaking, the Harvard brand needs to shrink the product line, more products does not mean strong, the new energy era should focus.

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