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Is the vice president of public relations of Volkswagen China about to leave? Official response

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Peng Feili, vice president of Volkswagen Group (China) and head of public relations and corporate social responsibility, will leave office by the end of the year at the latest, according to media reports on Oct. 9.


In response to the news, Volkswagen told the media that Peng Fili "is retired normally."

Some media reported that Bermuda, the current chairman and CEO of Volkswagen China, has been looking for a new candidate for this position since he took office in August last year. Whether there will be some new moves in Volkswagen China brand communication can be expected.

It is understood that Peng Fili took up the position of vice president of public relations and communication business of Volkswagen Group (China) in November 2012 and has been in the position of public relations and communication for 12 years. Prior to joining Volkswagen Group (China), Peng Fili accumulated more than 12 years of senior management experience in the field of public relations in China.


Looking at her work resume, Peng Fili has worked for a number of multinational companies, including Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Michelin Asia Pacific Branch and so on. From 1995 to 1997, Peng Feli served as Marketing Director for Ray Bon sunglasses in China; Brand Manager for Reebok Sporting goods in China from 1997 to 1999; and Communications Director for Michelin China in 2000, due to outstanding performance, she was transferred to Michelin Asia Pacific Marketing Department in 2007, responsible for the management of public relations, major events and retail marketing business. He returned to Michelin China in the second half of 2009 as director of maps and guidebooks. In November 2012, Volkswagen Group (China) announced the appointment of Ms. Peng Fili as Vice President of Volkswagen Group (China), in charge of public relations and communications, and Volkswagen became the longest-serving company in its career.

Since taking office in 2012, the then president and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), Heizman, has made a series of personnel adjustments to promote the "2018 Strategy", and the Chinese market plays a key role in achieving this goal. At that time, as soon as Peng Feili took office, she experienced a large-scale recall of Volkswagen's seven-speed DSG gearbox in the Chinese market, and also caught up with negative events such as Volkswagen exhaust gates. At the same time, Peng Fili's tenure as vice president of public relations at Volkswagen China coincided with a tough time for Volkswagen's declining business in China.


Data show that Volkswagen's global new car sales in 2022 were 8.2826 million, down 7.0% from a year earlier, and was once again overtaken by Toyota to an 11-year low. Of these, Volkswagen delivered 3.1845 million new cars in the Chinese market, down 3.6 per cent from a year earlier. In the first half of this year, Volkswagen delivered 1.4519 million new cars in the Chinese market, down 1.2% from a year earlier, making it the only single market in the world where Volkswagen sales declined. The industry believes that under the dual pressure of electrified transformation and global market competition, Volkswagen can only speed up the pace of electrified transformation to reduce the possibility of falling behind.

At present, Volkswagen is in a critical period of electrified transformation, and it is planned that Volkswagen Group's brands, including Volkswagen and Audi, will offer more than 30 pure electric models in China by 2030.

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