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Kodiak will withdraw from the Chinese market

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Skoda will not sell a new generation of Kodiaq models in China, or it may mean that SAIC Skoda Kodiak will stop production and sales in the future, according to Automotive News Europe.


It is understood that the new Kodiak will be released in the autumn, the appearance and interior will be upgraded to varying degrees, the size is also larger than the current model, still provides 5-seat / 7-seat version.

Combined with the official picture, Quan Kodiak's overall design is similar to the cash model, the main change is the front face, but there is no drastic change. Specifically, the new Kodiak will adopt a new design style, the iconic big mouth middle net and split headlamp design will be retained, and the split headlamp group will also adopt a more "convergent" shape. In addition, the new car will have a new style of front enclosure, with long and narrow vents on both sides and a honeycomb design on the central air intake.

When you come to the side of the car, the new Kodiak still has a smooth line design, and the bottom of the door panel is also further enhanced by the concave treatment. The rear part of the car, the new Kodiak has a more hierarchical sense, using the popular through rear lights and hidden exhaust layout. In terms of size, the new Kodiak length, width and height are 4758/1864/1659mm, wheelbase is 2791mm, positioning medium-sized SUV.

In terms of interior decoration, the new Kodiak has not changed much, and the overall design still retains the style of the traditional fuel car, with a 10-inch full liquid crystal meter and a 13-inch suspended central control screen to enhance the car's sense of technology. In addition, the new car uses a brand new intelligent knob design, which has a small LCD screen, and the three knobs can switch functions by rotating and pressing. For example, the entertainment system volume, air conditioning temperature, air volume, seat ventilation and heating and other functions, which may be new to European consumers, but very common in the domestic market. At the same time, the new car adopts the file design, which makes the space in the central passage more abundant.

In terms of power, the fuel version will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T gasoline engines, 1.5T maximum power 110kW, maximum torque 250N m, 2.0T maximum power 150kW, maximum torque 320N m, and provide four-wheel drive version, the transmission system is still using DSG gearbox.

At a news conference for the new Kodiak, Skoda CEO Klaus Zellmer confirmed that the second-generation Kodiak would not be sold in China, but did not say whether the brand would leave the Chinese market. "We are in discussions with our Chinese joint venture partners to try to determine the future," Zellmer said. It is too early to draw conclusions, and the work is still in progress. "

In the Chinese market, Skoda is also "defeated again and again", and its living space continues to shrink. At the end of 2022, Skoda general manager Klaus Zelmer (Klaus Zellmer) said in an interview with Automobilwoche: the current competition in China is too fierce, we will work with Chinese joint venture partners to consider how we will proceed. If we want to focus, it's worth looking at all the scenes and then making a decision. In addition, Klaus Zelmer points out that consideration could be given to selling cars only in China, rather than producing them.

In response to the news, Skoda China said that as part of the company's normal commercial operation, Skoda will continue to evaluate its position in the international auto market and adjust its strategy to adapt to the development of the local auto market. This naturally includes the Chinese market.

In April this year, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, Ambassador to the Czech Republic Feng Biao visited Skoda Automobile Factory to visit Skoda's production workshop and held talks with Skoda Motor Company Board member Jahne and Foreign Affairs Director khadra. Ambassador Feng said that China's automobile consumer market is huge, the electric vehicle industry is in the ascendant, and Skoda has broad business prospects in China. It is hoped that Skoda will deepen cooperation with Chinese enterprises, explore industrial transformation and upgrading, seize opportunities in the Chinese market, and play a positive role in the healthy and stable development of Sino-Czech relations.


At present, it is not known whether Skoda brand will leave China, but the development of the Chinese market has indeed been in crisis. Retail data show that SAIC Skoda sold only 16308 vehicles from January to August in 2023, with the top three models being Cormick, Mingrui and Kodiak, with sales of 4977, 3190, 2740 and 2546 respectively.

It is understood that Skoda's focus in the Asian market has begun to shift to Southeast Asia. Skoda has entered the Vietnamese market and plans to sell 40,000 vehicles in the local market by 2030. Subsequently, Skoda plans to launch a series of pure electric Enyaq models in the Indian market.

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