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It's hard! A car company was forced to execute 130 million RMB.

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According to the information obtained from Heaven, Anhui Singularity Intelligent New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd., and Smart car Youxing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about the person subject to execution, with the execution target exceeding 130 million yuan. The enforcement court is the Tongling Intermediate people's Court.

According to the data, Anhui Singularity Intelligent New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016, with Xu Jun as its legal representative. the company is jointly owned by Singularity Automobile affiliate Zhiche Youhang Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Carpenter Automotive Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 99% and 1% respectively. Among them, smart car Youhang Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the main body of Singularity Automobile, the company was established in October 2014, the legal representative is Shen Haiyin.

Tianyan check risk information indicates that Anhui Singularity Intelligent New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd. has a number of persons subject to execution, people who break their promises (laolai), consumption restriction orders and final case information, among which three new pieces of information were added during the year, with a total amount of 130.416796 million yuan.


It should be noted that Anhui Singularity Intelligent New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd. filed for bankruptcy in July this year, and on the same day, Singularity Automobile Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. was also filed for bankruptcy liquidation. Singularity Automobile R & D Center Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui Singularity Intelligent New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd., established in June 2018.


According to public information, Singularity was founded in 2014, when Smart car Youhang Technology Co., Ltd. was registered by Shen Haiyin, who served as 360 vice president and vice president of Kingsoft Group.

As one of the earliest car-making new car companies in China, Singularity Automobile was established not too late, but it has almost no sense of existence in the market, because since its establishment, Singularity Automobile is still in the PPT car-building stage. In March 2016, at the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo in Beijing and Shanghai, Smart car you Bank announced that it would launch China's first Internet car-making product, the Smart Electric SUV Singularity car. The news still stands out on the official website of Singularity Automobile.


In April 2017, Singularity iS6, the first production model of Singularity, was unveiled with a price range of 200000 to 300000, when it was announced that it would achieve small volume production by the end of the year. Since then, there has been a continuous "ticket skipping", which can be called the future Chinese version of Faraday. In October 2018, Shen Haiyin said that the listing of Singularity iS6 would be postponed until around the 2019 Spring Festival. At the beginning of 2020, the domestic epidemic broke out, and Singularity iS6 skipped tickets again, but it has not been listed yet. In addition to the continuous "ticket skipping" of iS6, the iM8 and iC3 launched by Singularity Motor were also unable to deliver to the market on time, and were once caught in a storm of unpaid wages.


At the end of 2018, Singularity was first reported to be in arrears. According to media reports, Singularity Motor defaulted on employees' wages for three months, and even borrowed money from employees and paid wages by installments. Although later, due to the availability of new financing, arrears of wages were soon made up. But since then, the market has not broken the news about the shortage of the singularity car capital chain. In July 2022, Singularity was revealed to be in arrears for as long as a year and a half. From the beginning of 2021 to July 2022, some employees were owed wages of about 150000 yuan, and the cumulative number of employees in arrears reached 300. Nearly 150 of them initiated a labor arbitration against Singularity Motor to claim unpaid wages.


As the competition in the new energy vehicle industry has entered a white-hot stage, more and more brands begin to have a crisis, including Weimar Motor and Reading Motor have filed for bankruptcy, and Baiteng Motor has also entered the bankruptcy liquidation process. Skyline Automobile and Aichi Motor are also frequently exposed with financial problems, while Ranger cars and Letv cars in the same period as Singularity Motor have now disappeared from public view, as for after burning up 17 billion yuan in financing. Singularity, which is still in the PPT stage, is also faced with many problems, including a number of people being executed, people who break their promises, consumption restrictions and final case information, and so on. Perhaps the answer will emerge soon.

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