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Some new power car system is out of service! Official apology: has returned to normal

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At noon on October 13, in response to the problem of the normal operation of the Weima car, Weima posted on the official Weibo: "at present, the Weima car system has returned to normal. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you."


On Oct. 11, several Weima owners said that many of Weima's services were "down". The car system and mobile phone App display could not be loaded and the service was suspended. At the same time, the Bluetooth key of the mobile phone could not be used. In addition, the Weima 400 customer service hotline has also been busy and can not be connected normally. The official websites of App, Mini Program and Weima Automobile all showed that they could not be used normally.

On the same day, Tianyan investigation information showed that Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. added 26 pieces of information about the person subject to execution, totaling more than 22.45 million yuan, involving technical service contract disputes, sale contract disputes, equity transfer disputes, and other cases. the enforcement courts include the Shanghai Qingpu District people's Court and the Chengdu Longquanyi District people's Court. Today, Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. has been plagued by lawsuits. As of press time, the company has a total of 47 messages executed, with a total amount of more than 130 million yuan. At the same time, the company also has a number of equity freeze information. According to incomplete statistics, the frozen equity of Weimar Motor has exceeded 10 billion yuan.


On October 10, the National Enterprise bankruptcy reorganization Information Network showed that Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. applied for bankruptcy reorganization, and the applicant was Weima itself. In the afternoon, Weimar issued a notification letter saying that in view of the fact that Weima still has commercial and salvage value, the corporate governance structure is still complete, it has the ability to negotiate independently, and some creditors also have the will to restructure. Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court accepted the pre-reorganization application of Weima Automobile Technology Group on October 7, 2023, which means that Weima Automobile has not yet formally entered the legal bankruptcy reorganization procedure.

At noon on October 12, Weima Automobile issued the "Declaration notice of pre-reorganization creditor's Rights of Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd." on the official Weibo, which mentioned that, upon the application of Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd., the Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court issued (2023) Shanghai 03 Breaking Shen No. 1062 "acceptance notice of pre-reorganization" on October 7, 2023, accepting Weima Group's application for pre-reorganization.


In other words, the follow-up Weima will be "reborn" through pre-restructuring. The industry believes that pre-restructuring may give Weimar enough time to solve its debt problems, but if there is no financial acquisition or blood transfusion, Weimar has little chance of "rebirth". In addition, even if Weima Automobile bankruptcy restructuring is successful, it will also face fierce market challenges, including difficult to fill capital holes, lack of core technology, how to regain consumer confidence, and so on.

As one of the earliest new car-building forces, Weima Automobile at the beginning of its establishment already has a scarce qualification for building cars, and at the same time has a good ability to attract money, which can be said to win at the starting line. But in a short period of five years, Weimar Motor can not escape the fate of bankruptcy restructuring, today's outcome can not help but feel sad.


Weima Automobile Wenzhou Factory

From "live, live like an animal" at the beginning of the year, to today's "Weima will not lie flat, let alone fall down." And so on, it is not difficult to find that Weimar, which is in trouble, has been actively saving itself. But it should be noted that at present, factory shutdowns, store closures, wage cuts and layoffs, and Weima Motor, which is in arrears with wages, are still dying, even if they are acquired by Happy Motors. There are still a lot of uncertainties about whether Weimar can get back on its feet.


Especially after entering 2023, the whole automobile industry began to speed up the reshuffle, both traditional car companies and new car-building forces are facing tremendous pressure, in the context of internal volume, the elimination rate of weak brands is also becoming faster. The industry believes that in a highly competitive market, the lack of product innovation and the failure to launch mass production cars quickly, the scale of production and marketing can not meet expectations and unstable capital chain are the key reasons for Weima Motor to go bankrupt and restructure.

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