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BMW 5 Series is of the same level! The new Genisse G80 interior has been exposed.

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A new set of G80 interior photos have been posted online and the new car is expected to be released by the end of this year.

As a modified model, the new Genisse G80 interior will use a new all-in-one screen, which will change greatly compared with the current model. Specifically, a penetrating line is designed in the new car, which broadens the visual width of the interior. In addition, the new car is equipped with a new all-in-one screen similar to the new Genisse GV80 and retains the knob shift mechanism, which is full of science and technology. It has been reported that the interior may be a G80 Sport model with a different steering wheel shape.


Prior to this, the new Genisse G80 appearance spy photos have been exposed, but the new car is still in a tight camouflage state. In terms of appearance, the new car has made minor adjustments to the internal structure of the front face, with split headlamp groups on both sides, and it is expected that the internal structure of the lamp group will be adjusted, and the front surround looks more concise. In the rear part, the new car also maintains the split taillight group design, which is expected to be equipped with a new shape of the rear bumper, and the bottom bilateral two-out exhaust layout adds sports attributes to the whole vehicle.

In terms of power, there is no relevant news yet, and it is expected that the new car will continue the power system of cash models. As a reference, the G80 currently sold in China is equipped with a 2.5T four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 223 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 422 Nm. The transmission system matches the eight-speed manual self-integrated gearbox and provides optional four-wheel drive system. In addition, the current Genisse G80 also offers 3.5T V6 turbocharged gasoline engines and 2.2T turbocharged diesel engines in overseas markets.

GENESIS, an independent luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group of Korea, was established in November 2015 and officially entered the Chinese market in April 2021. Although the Genisis brand has only been in the Chinese market for about two years, it has successively laid out a number of models in China. According to the official website, its domestic products include G70, GV70, G80, GV80 and GV60 models.

Among them, the G80 is one of the main models for Genisys to enter the Chinese market, positioned as medium and large cars, based on the third-generation rear-drive platform of the Genisse brand, and launched in July 2021. The current price range is 36.38-457800 yuan.

It should be noted that although there are many products of Genisis, due to the relatively small number of brands, the development of Genisseth in the domestic market is not smooth, and even domestic consumers do not have much impression of this luxury brand. For the domestic market, whether it is brand appeal or performance-to-price ratio, Genisse does not have an advantage, coupled with the low domestic recognition of Korean cars represented by Hyundai, under this background, it is difficult for Genisai to stand out.

According to new car compulsory insurance purchase data, Genisis sold only 1457 vehicles in China in 2022, compared with the annual sales of ultra-luxury brand Rolls-Royce of more than 1500 vehicles. Among the subdivided models, the sales of G70, G80 and GV80 were 226,832 and 399 respectively.

According to the plan, all new models of Genisys will become pure electric models by 2025, with 100% zero emissions by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2035. As for whether a number of models can reopen the development of the Genisis brand after the launch, there may be an answer soon.

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