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Wuxi police report: Tesla car owner is detained

2024-03-03 Update From: AutoBeta autobeta NAV: AutoBeta > News >


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A Tesla repeatedly stopped other people's vehicles on the highway, and the driver was finally detained by the police in accordance with the law. The incident caused heated discussion online.

The driving recorder shows that things happen in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. In the video, the vehicles are waiting to pass through the expressway. At this time, a black Tesla appears in the picture and wants to plug in the queue, but the video vehicle does not give the black Tesla a chance, but follows the car in front and finally gets on the highway smoothly. However, the black Tesla was resentful, drove quickly to the front of the video car after getting on the highway, forced the video vehicle to stop three times, and finally the video vehicle was forced to stop in the emergency lane, while the black Tesla drove away, twice at high speed without turning the turn signal, overtaking the solid line and changing lanes. According to the video owner, he was forced to stop three times because he did not allow the other party to jump in the queue, and the speed was about 100 kilometers per hour for the third time. After the incident, the owner also chose to call the police and provide the driving record video to the police.


The video sparked heated discussions online. Some netizens said,"The temper of this brother is still good, if I have already greeted his eighteen generations of ancestors in the car","too bad, naked malice." Hope to be severely punished "," just watching videos will make your head explode "...


On October 16, Wuxi Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued a warning notice: October 14,2023, the masses reported that they were stopped many times by a Tesla car on the highway. After receiving the report, the police quickly launched an investigation and seized the suspect Zang Mou Hong (male, 25 years old) on October 15.


After investigation, on the afternoon of October 14, Zang Mou Hong drove a small passenger car into Shanghai-Yi Expressway Six District Toll Station when the queue failed, and then repeatedly took emergency braking, continuous lane change and other ways on the expressway not to stop other vehicles, seriously affecting the safe driving of other vehicles. At present, Zang Mou Hong suspected of endangering public security by dangerous means by the police criminal detention according to law.

Wuxi police said that the police will resolutely investigate and deal with illegal and criminal acts that seriously endanger public safety, such as driving vehicles "fighting" and chasing cars. Please strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations, drive safely and civilized, and jointly maintain good road traffic order.

Black Tesla owners were finally detained, qualitative is suspected of endangering public safety in dangerous ways crime, netizens have expressed "great joy", but also for the video owner's patience expressed affirmation, after all, if they are also emotional, easy to cause traffic accidents.


"Auto industry attention" also reminds road participants, driving on the road must manage their emotions, abide by traffic rules, do not become "road anger". Of course, when we encounter "road anger", we can also learn from the video owner's practice, to deal with it through legal means, to reflect the problem to the local police, to let the police directly intervene in the investigation, must not because of the other party's behavior to make themselves also become "road anger", otherwise they will be punished by law. In addition, the driver should also keep the video of the driving recorder, when the unexpected situation occurs during driving, it is beneficial to restore the truth.

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