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Should I jump off a building? Li wants to make public the ideal MEGA appearance.

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On October 17, ideal car CEO Li wants to post several pictures of the ideal MEGA on social media, with the caption "directly guess the wind resistance coefficient." According to the plan, ideal car's first pure electric model, "ideal MEGA", will be released in December 2023 and delivery will begin in February 2024, but in view of the current fierce competition in the MPV market, it is not ruled out that ideal car will plan this time ahead of schedule.


From the real car picture released by Li Xiang, the ideal MEGA uses a bullet style like a high-speed rail, with a round arc extending from the front to the rear, while the front face is equipped with a large raised windshield, which should be able to bring lower wind resistance from the glass inclination. At the same time, the highly inclined glass is connected to the front cabin, making the whole front look like the Harmony train.



In addition, its front face still refers to the design style of the existing model of the ideal car, but with reference to its pure electric model, it is expected to adopt a closed design. The through-type daily running lamp is located under the front windshield, while the real headlamp is arranged on both sides of the bumper, surrounded by a segmented structure, or equipped with active grille function.

On the side of the body, with reference to the previously exposed spy photos, the ideal MEGA roof lines transition smoothly from the B-pillar position to the rear, bringing a smoother body posture while reducing the wind resistance of the vehicle. As for the rear, it is equipped with slender through taillights, which are designed to echo the star ring lights in the front of the car. The upper spoiler is integrated with the rear window lines, and the LOGO is also integrated on the rear window. In terms of size, the length of the new car is expected to be more than 5.3m, the width of the car will be about 2m, and the height of the car is conservatively estimated at about 1.8m-1.9m, which is significantly larger than the pure electric MPV such as potential D9 and polar krypton 009 currently on sale in the market.



As for the interior, the details of the design are unknown, but according to previous espionage photos, the ideal MEGA will be equipped with a large horizontal central control screen that will extend to the front of the passenger seat. In addition, from the design of the seat track on the central floor of the car, there is a high probability that the second row of the car will carry two separate seats, while the interior floor near the rear door is designed with a relatively deep sunken shape. may be used as storage space or storage space for the third row of seats.

Prior to this, Weibo blogger "ramen chef Design" had released two renderings of "ideal MEGA". Li wanted to respond for the first time by saying, "if I really make it look like this, I will kill the design team and jump off the building by the way." In September this year, the blogger made more in-depth modifications on the basis of the previous rendering, and Li wanted to comment again: "the black similarity is 80%, very good!" Silver similarity is less than 60%! The above is the similarity from a professional point of view. For friends who are confused between Ge You and Jiang Wen, this percentage is invalid and must jump from a building. "



From the perspective of vehicle design, the overall appearance of the ideal MEGA can be said to be very intuitive and impressive, because it is different from other MPV models on the market, showing a "bullet" design language like the Harmony train, this design style can not only provide a wider driving vision, but also reduce wind resistance, but the alternative design style also leads to more extensive discussion. Because its design style is also similar to that of modern Staria, this is one of the areas that many netizens complain about. According to netizens' comments, there is not much difference between the design of the ideal MEGA and the rendered pictures created by Weibo blogger "ramen chef Design".


According to the available information, the ideal MEGA will adopt a self-developed 800V high-voltage pure electric platform and a 5C charging rate cell in Ningde era to realize the pure tram "charging for 9 minutes and 30 seconds with a range of 400km", which will shorten the charging time by 50% compared with the 2C pure electric model, which is comparable to the ability to "charge for 5 minutes and last 200km" under the Xiaopeng car rocking technology framework.

Li Xiang once said that the ideal MEGA is confident that it will become the first car with sales of more than 500000 yuan, regardless of the type of model and the form of power. According to the plan of ideal car, the product layout of "1 super flagship + 5 extended range models + 5 pure electric models" will be completed in 2025, with sales of 1.6 million vehicles.

Industry insiders pointed out that the sales of ideal automobile high-voltage pure electric models will also really verify its background in the new energy vehicle market. In the new energy vehicle market, ideal car L7, L8 and L9 become the main sales force in the market segment. Because of the characteristics of fuel and electricity, the plug-in models represented by extended range can effectively solve the problem of new energy consumers' anxiety about battery life and achieve rapid sales growth, while pure electric models need to improve the construction of energy supplement system, and the cost or operation construction brought by them is a new challenge.


Of course, for the ideal MEGA, the competitive pressure is also huge. Just yesterday, the Wei brand Alpine administrative extended version made its debut, the length of the car reached 5405mm, known as the world's largest MPV, and it is indeed bigger than the ideal MEGA. The difference is that Wei Gaoshan adopts plug-in hybrid, which is equipped with a plug-in mixing system composed of 1.5T engine and motor. the maximum power of its engine is 115kW, combined with 135kW high-power rear axle motor, the comprehensive power is as high as 358kW, the maximum torque is up to 762N ·m, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 5.7s. It is understood that Wei brand Gaoshan will be officially listed tomorrow, competitors aim at Tengli D9, Lantu dreamer, polar krypton 009 and other medium and large MPV.


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