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Sales are a mystery! Genisseth China CEO leaves office

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Markus Henne, chief executive of Denisys, will step down on October 25, 2023 to seek other development opportunities, according to Interface News. Meanwhile, Wells Lee, chief co-ordinator of Zeiss Auto, will take over the position.


According to the data, he Ruisi has worked for Mercedes-Benz and its high-performance brand Mercedes-AMG, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of luxury cars. Prior to joining Genisse China, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz in Taiwan. In addition, as the head of Mercedes-AMG brand Greater China, he built a new sales network and business model for the brand and further clarified the brand's leading position in the field of high-performance luxury cars.


In December 2019, Genisse announced the appointment of Markus Henne as the CEO of the Genisis brand in China, responsible for the brand's business operations in China, reporting directly to William Lee, global head of the Genisseth brand.

Genisse, a high-end brand of Hyundai Automobile Group, unveiled three models at the Expo, which opened in November 2019, namely, the flagship sedan G90, the hydrogen energy concept SUV GV80 and the pure electric small concept sports car Mint. In April 2021, Denisseth used 3281 drones to spell out the slogan "Hello, China" on the Bund of Shanghai, once again announced that it would return to the Chinese market by way of import, and announced the pre-sale of the medium and large sedan G80 and the medium-and large-sized SUV Genisse GV80.

To be exact, this is not the first time that Genisse has entered China. Prior to this, Genisse entered the Chinese market in the name of "Lawns" and "Gaines" in 2008 and 2014 respectively, but without exception, they all disappeared after entering the Chinese market a few years later, and at present, Denisseth, which re-enters the Chinese market, does not have much sense of existence.

According to the new car compulsory insurance purchase data, Genisys sold only 1457 vehicles in China in 2022, including 165 in December, and the three models on sale, G70, G80 and GV80, sold 226,832 and 399 respectively. It's basically a complete rout.

According to the official website, G90 Seth is currently on sale in China, including G90, G80 (ICE/EV), G70, GV80, GV70 (ICE/EV), GV60 (EV) and other models, with only 20 stores in the country, only in Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other cities. Genisse has been in the Chinese market for a year and its independent channel and direct sales model has made it more difficult to open up the market to a certain extent.


Although there are many products, Genisse, as an imported brand, is not an audience, and the current life of Korean brands in the domestic market is not easy, and the high-end luxury brand market is extremely involved. Genisse has always been unable to keep up with the pace of the market in brand awareness and marketing promotion.

In the domestic market, Genisse's brand appeal and performance-to-price ratio do not have an advantage. In recent years, Korean cars, represented by Hyundai, are not highly recognized in China. They have declined and suffered successive losses since 2016. They once owned five complete vehicle manufacturing plants in China, but now they are being sold to reduce operational pressure. At the same time, while new energy vehicles have market development potential, Korean brands are generally lagging behind and the strategy is slow, which also makes it lose the opportunity for development. Genisseth and other high-end luxury brands may be more difficult to get a place in the Chinese market.


Since Denisys re-entered the Chinese market, its achievements have been mediocre. He Ruisi, as the CEO of China, is the first to bear the responsibility, and it is not known whether he left office because he was unable to lead Genisseth to develop in the Chinese market.

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