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Wei brand Gaoshan DHT-PHEV listed

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On October 18, Wei brand brand new model-Wei brand Gaoshan DHT-PHEV officially launched, the new car launched a total of models, the price range is 10,000 yuan. It is understood that the Wei brand Gaoshan is the first MPV model under the Wei brand, which is based on the Wei brand new energy high-end MPV exclusive platform, equipped with a 1.5T engine and motor plug-in system, and uses a 2x 2 + 3 seven-seat layout to compete with Tengli D9, polar krypton 009, Lantu Dreamer and other medium and large new energy MPV.

In terms of appearance, the Wei brand alpine front face is equipped with a large area straight waterfall chrome-plated grille, with hidden stepped light belts on both sides of the grille, and the lower edge is outlined by U-shaped chrome strips. The headlamp is integrated with the front grille, and the interior is equipped with double LED light sources.

In the rear part, the Wei brand Gaoshan adopts the through-type lamp group design, and carries on the vertical shape ending on both sides, matches the bilateral altogether two exhaust decoration, the layered feeling is outstanding. In terms of size, Wei Gaoshan will launch the standard version and the administrative extended version, the new standard version is 5045/1960/1900mm, the wheelbase is 3085mm; the administrative extended version is 5405/1960/1890mm, the wheelbase 3275mm, respectively. From the side styling, the main increased length and wheelbase of the Alpine administrative extended version are concentrated in the rear of the car body to improve the seat space and experience in the back row.

In terms of interior decoration, the overall design style of Wei Gaoshan is similar to that of Wei Lanshan, which is equipped with 27-inch instrument entertainment integrated screen, 15-inch W-HUD look-up display, streaming media rearview mirror and other configurations. The sub-instrument console area not only provides storage compartments and cup holders, but also provides wireless charging functions for mobile phones. In addition, the three-spoke steering wheel is used in the car, and the multi-function buttons make the operation more convenient and enhance the driving fun.

The Wei brand Alpine Standard Edition uses a 2-seat 2 + 3-seat layout, with two separate zero-gravity seats in the second row, which can support seat heating, ventilation, massage and other functions, as well as one-button zero gravity / reset. The third row of seats uses a split butterfly design, and there are two storage spaces at the bottom, which can be used to receive some small items. The Wei brand alpine administrative extension version adopts the layout of 2x 2 + 2 six seats, and the second row and the third row have independent seats with leg supports. All seats support electric adjustment, heating and ventilation, and the first two seats also support seat massage.

Wei brand Gaoshan is equipped with a car refrigerator with independent compressor, with a maximum capacity of 12.5 liters and a maximum power of 50 watts. In addition, the refrigerator in the car also uses a double-layer design, and the upper layer is opened through a central armbox for front passengers and the lower floor for rear passengers.

In terms of power, Gaoshan DHT-PHEV will be equipped with a 1.5T engine and motor plug-in system, the maximum engine power is 115kW, with 135kW high-power rear axle motor, the comprehensive power is as high as 358kW, and the maximum torque is as high as 762N ·m. The whole vehicle is equipped with 37.96kWh large-capacity power battery, and the pure electric life under WLTC conditions can reach 140km. 30% Murray 80% fast charging takes 26 minutes, and supports a maximum external discharge function of 3.3kW.

At present, new energy MPV has become a new battlefield for domestic car companies. In 2022, Lantu dreamer, Teng Teng D9 and Polar Krypton 009 have been listed one after another, among which Teng Teng D9 has firmly ranked second in the MPV market. After entering 2023, more and more brands will accelerate to enter the market. In addition to the Wei brand Gaoshan, Xiaopeng X9, ideal MEGA, Hechuang V09 and other MPV models will be launched this year. At that time, the momentum of new energy MPV competing for traditional fuel MPV market will intensify day by day, and the competition between domestic MPV will also be upgraded.

Retail data show that the MPV market sold 813800 vehicles in the first three quarters, up 18.2% from a year earlier, making it the fastest-growing vehicle category, though far smaller than cars and SUV. In terms of models, the highest-selling MPV was Buick GL8, with 88588 vehicles, followed by Tengli D9, with 87594 vehicles. In the previous ten lists, only one new energy MPV, Teng Teng D9, entered the list, and the rest were fuel MPV.


Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Federation of passengers, pointed out, "many changes in the MPV market are closely related to the high-end of independent brands. As an upgrade of consumption, high-end electric cars have natural advantages. According to the changing trend of household structure of consumer groups in China, there is still great potential for the development of MPV sales, and household MPV sales in China will also usher in growth in the future. "

For new energy MPV, this is a challenge as well as an opportunity. The opportunity is that the MPV market is indeed a blue sea, and there are only a few cars that are really influential, such as Buick GL8, Toyota Sena, Honda Odyssey and so on, while Teng Teng D9 has taken the lead in proving that the new energy MPV market is feasible, so other models with the same strength will not be very difficult to walk. The challenge is that the new energy MPV market will be extremely inward-rolling, including momentum, Wei Brand, ideal and Xiaopeng will avoid competing with each other.

As far as Wei Gaoshan is concerned, as a medium and large MPV, Wei Gaoshan has enough space, but the size of the standard version is smaller than that of Lantu dreamer and Teng Teng D9. In contrast, the administrative extended version of the wheelbase up to 3275mm, coupled with luxurious product configuration, is more suitable for receiving VIPs, which is also needed as a high-end MPV model.

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