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Harvard executives: Harvard Red Rabbit may change back to Harvard H2

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A few days ago, Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Harvard Brand Marketing, said in an interview with the media that after the return of Harvard H5, the replacement model of Harvard Red Rabbit may be named H2 again. In addition, in the Havron sequence, the owl dragon MAX may usher in an upgrade early next year, while there will be Veyron, Feilong and other models released.


It is understood that Harvard Red Rabbit, which went on sale in May 2021, is a replacement of Harvard H2, based on the Great Wall lemon platform. The Harvard red rabbit locates the compact SUV with 4470/1898/1625mm in length, width and height and 2700mm in wheelbase. In terms of power, the Harvard Red Rabbit is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 110 kilowatts and 135 kilowatts and a peak torque of 218 Nm and 275 Nm respectively. The Harvard Red Rabbit DHT version is equipped with a hybrid system composed of a 1.5L engine and motor, with an integrated power of 140kW and a comprehensive torque of 370Nm.


Harvard Red Rabbit has been named since the product announcement, and has quickly become the new "Internet celebrity" in the car circle, but the sales performance is not considerable. Retail data show that Harvard Red Rabbit sales were 21318 in 2022 and 4300 in the first three quarters of 2023. The average performance of Harvard Red Rabbit in the end market is mainly due to the problem of product positioning, its positioning compact SUV, which overlaps with Harvard H6 and other products, and Harvard H6 is the sales responsibility of the Harvard brand, in contrast, consumers prefer to choose a market-proven model. In addition, the Harvard Red Rabbit has also been exposed by the Economic Voice of the Central people's Radio "Tian Tian 315". Shortly after the new car was bought, wrinkled drum bags appeared on the inside of the car door, which also affected consumers' desire to buy Harvard Red Rabbit to a certain extent.


It is understood that since the Harvard Dog Fire, Great Wall Motor has begun to pay attention to the naming of its models, including Harvard's first love, Harvard God Beast, Harvard Cool Dog and other models one after another. As for why Great Wall adopted this naming method on a large scale, Yu Fei, general manager of WEY cars, has explained that the brand-new naming system is because the previous naming of Great Wall cars with letters and numbers is more self-talk, which is difficult to resonate with the user community.


In other words, many models of Great Wall lack user memory, market volume, historical accumulation and distinctive features, while the Harvard H6 is different, and even the next generation of Great Wall will not give it an exotic name. because the product is out of the circle.

There is no doubt that Great Wall's attempt at naming as a manifestation of marketing innovation is commendable, and the Harvard Dog has also become one of the popular models. but since then, including first love, Red Rabbit, Immortals and Beast, KuGou and other models, it is difficult to get a place in the market, because these models have caused the sequence disorder of the Harvard brand to some extent.


After the large-scale adoption of jumping out of naming, the positioning of products under the Harvard brand has begun to blur. At present, the H5, H6, H9, M6 of the Harvard alphabet series, the Harvard Big Dog of the Dog Series, the Harvard second-generation Big Dog, the Haverku Dog, the Haver Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX, the Haver Raptor, as well as Haver Red Rabbit, Haversian Beast and other models that do not know which category they belong to.


Generally speaking, the Harvard brand needs to shrink the product line, more products does not mean strong, the new energy era should focus. According to previous news, the Harvard brand will form three product series in the future. The H series mainly covers fuel models, dogs focus on the "light off-road" concept, and the dragon series is dominated by new energy vehicles. Therefore, in addition to Harvard Red Rabbit, we do not rule out the possibility that the Harvard brand will rename the Haversian Beast and other models.

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