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Great! Wang Sicong was exposed to mention ideal L9.

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Recently, a piece of news about the purchase of an ideal L9 by Wang Sicong, the "national husband", has sparked a heated discussion on the Internet.

On Oct. 18, netizens posted a video of Wang Sicong showing up at an ideal store on the social networking platform. Then there was a screenshot of Wang Sicong's purchase order for an ideal L9 at 17:19 and posted online with a photo of the ideal salesperson. All the signs may enhance the credibility of the news that Wang Sicong bought the ideal L9.



In response, some netizens commented: the ideal car is recognized by the top class in China, and this top class represents the person who became rich first. They have used good things and bought good things, and their ideals are not necessarily so good, but it is another matter that people are willing to spend money on them. Another netizen said: Wang Sicong bought an ideal L9 and felt the same way. In some high-end shopping malls, garages, residential areas and private gates in Beijing, you can always see many ideals. Why do you think people have so much money to drive a 400000 "cheap" car? why not drive a special "face-saving" car? As a matter of fact, he has long passed the stage of taking a car to prop up the facade. He buys whatever car he thinks is strong, pure tools.



Some netizens even joked: I heard that Wang Sicong went to buy an ideal L9. In this way, Wang Sicong and I are car friends. However, most netizens said: it's good to have money. Is it as easy for Wang Sicong to buy an ideal L9 as I spent two yuan on a power toy car?



According to relevant information: the son of Wang Sicong Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, graduated from the philosophy Department of University College London, served as chairman of Beijing Puth Investment Co., Ltd., and founder of IG e-sports club. Because of its special identity, he made a speech with laughter and mockery, casual remarks and humor on Weibo earlier, which attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. He is also a car lover, with many luxury cars in his name, from Rolls-Royce to Bugatti, the most famous car is his Rolls-Royce, a pink Curinan often appears in public view, and the other is a red extended version of the custom-made Rolls-Royce, priced at around 13 million. In addition, Wang Sicong also has a blue convertible, Yao Ying, which has a relatively high rate of going out of the street. It is understood that the price of this Rolls-Royce Obsidian convertible is between 500 and 6 million.


The ideal L9, the second production car under ideal, went on sale on June 21 last year at a price of 459800 yuan. The new car is positioned as a large SUV with an electric car-style enclosed medium-net design, with active intake grille and split headlamps. In terms of size, the new car is 5218/1998/1800mm in length, width and height and 3105mm in wheelbase, which is similar to the size of BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. In terms of power, the ideal L9 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder controller, the maximum power of the front drive motor is 130kW, the maximum power of the rear drive motor is 200kW, the total power is 330kW, and the maximum torque is 620N ·m. In terms of mileage, the ideal L9 is equipped with 44.5kWh battery capacity, pure electric battery 215km under CLTC operating conditions, and comprehensive mileage 1315km.

For the ideal L9, many people may be impressed by the official slogan "the best SUV under 5 million". Ideal founder Li Xiang himself said at the L9 press conference: "the ideal L9 suspension uses the front double-arm, rear five-link structure, providing flagship driving performance and ride comfort, with millisecond response CDC damping system, even compared with Curinan, we are not afraid at all." Such publicity also made the ideal L9 attract a lot of attention as soon as it was launched. From the point of view of the sales volume after the listing of the ideal L9, the ideal L9 still has a certain competitiveness in the new energy vehicle market. The relevant data show that the ideal L9 sales in September are 11884 and the cumulative sales from January to September are 74753.


This time, Wang Sicong was exposed that the purchase of ideal L9, from the marketing point of view, has undoubtedly brought a lot of exposure to the ideal brand, after all, Wang Sicong has its own flow, its behavior has a very high exposure. However, from another point of view, with the rapid development and upgrading of the new energy market, more and more people choose new energy vehicles. It can be predicted that the tram market will continue to maintain its growth momentum in the future.

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