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The new car was attacked by the Internet Water Army? Lantu CEO responded: don't win eyeballs compared to the lower limit.

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On the evening of October 23rd, the Ministry of Automobile Law of Lantu announced that since the listing of the new Lantu FREE and the 2024 new Lantu Dreamers, Lantu Automobile and its products have been attacked by an organized network water army, and the network water army account has misled the public by fabricating false news or subjective malicious speculation without any factual basis or even experienced a real car, causing great derogation to the reputation of Lantu Automobile.


In response, Lantu Automobile said in a statement: "strongly condemns the act of spreading false and false information and manipulating the Internet Water Army." At the same time, for the recent organized and malicious attacks on various platforms on the Internet against Lantu Automobile, Lantu Automobile has launched a special network rights protection investigation to collect evidence, and will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law. "


At noon on October 24, Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu Automobile, forwarded a message from the Ministry of Automobile Law on Weibo with the caption: "We respect fair competition in the market and call on everyone to compete sunny and transparent within the law and morality on the premise of abiding by the nature of commercial competition." Lu Fang further explained: "I believe that our common goal is to provide users with better products and services and contribute to the better development of China's automobile industry." I hope that we can proceed from a common goal, turn the Colosseum into a cooperative arena, make more product and technological innovation, and show our muscles with innovation, rather than winning eyeballs above the lower limit. "


Today, the "Ministry of Justice" has also become a "standard" for car companies. It is understood that Lantu Automobile opened its official account of the Ministry of Automobile Law at the end of August this year. The first blog post shows that in the Internet era, everyone has a microphone and everyone has a vest. But this does not mean that anonymity can be an "umbrella" and virtual can be an "immunity card". We respect and accept the suggestions and supervision of all sectors of society, but for malicious slander, smear, trample, we will also resolutely take up legal weapons to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Lantu Automobile.


Since 2023, the chaos of "network water army" has occurred in the automobile industry from time to time, and the communication effect and negative influence of network water army will often bring serious damage to automobile enterprises. To this end, on March 24 this year, the Joint Association of Chief Brand officers of Chinese Automobile companies (CB20) also joined hands with 14 auto companies to put forward a joint initiative to boycott the Internet Water Army in the automobile industry. It is understood that the joint initiative enterprises include FAW Group, Dongfeng Group, Changan Group, SAIC Group, BAIC Group, GAC GROUP, Chery Group, Jianghuai Automobile Group, Great Wall Automobile, Geely Motor, BYD shares, Lulai, ideal, Xiaopeng.

In addition, with the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market, domestic well-known car companies have received more public opinion and public attention. for this reason, many car companies have pushed the Ministry of Justice to the front of the stage. to crack down on malicious smear and rumor-mongering on the Internet in a more direct and tough way. According to statistics, car companies, including Tesla, ideal Automobile, Lulai Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Zero running Automobile, Polar Fox Automobile, Polar Krypton Automobile, and Lantu Automobile, have also registered and opened accounts of the Ministry of Justice. "attention to the Automobile Industry" believes that, to some extent, opening a Weibo account of the Ministry of Law can play a warning role, reduce the spread of negative news of car companies, or better protect the legitimate rights and interests of car manufacturers.

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