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Mass layoffs? Gaohe Automobile responded.

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Recently, it is rumored that Gaohe Automobile has launched a round of large-scale layoffs. On a workplace social platform, some netizens revealed that the proportion of layoffs is as high as 20%, and individual departments can lay off as much as 50%. In response to the news of the start of a round of large-scale layoffs, Gaohe told the "Financial Associated Press" reporter, "the rumors are not true."




According to the data, Gaohe is an electric vehicle brand under Chinese American Express. Its parent company, Chinese Express, was founded by Ding Lei in 2017. It is an innovative travel technology company focused on the future intelligent transportation industry, and the founder Ding Lei's background is not simple. He was vice president of SAIC Group, general manager of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., party committee secretary / general manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd. Deputy head of Pudong New area, Shanghai. Jia Yueting invited him to join Letv as co-founder of Letv Motor and vice chairman of Letv Motor Worldwide in September 2015. Ding Lei left Letv in March 2017, the year when Letv's system capital chain crisis broke out. Jia Yueting left the United States in July 2017 to help FF finance. In the same month, Ding Lei set up Chinese Express and launched car brand Gaohe in July 2019.

At present, there are three models on sale, namely, medium and large SUV high-tech HiPhi X / high-he HiPhi Y, medium-and large-sized sedan high-he HiPhi Z, of which HiPhi Y is the third model under Gaohe Automobile, officially launched on July 15, the price range is 33.90-449000 yuan, the price determines that HiPhi Y will be the volume model of high-tech vehicles. As the third model of Gaohe Automobile, the HiPhi Y positioning medium and large sedan is equipped with the second generation NT intelligent flapping door, and the long-lasting version of CLTC has a maximum range of 810km under operating conditions.


In July 2022, it was revealed that there were frauds in many aspects, such as interior decoration, stereo, battery power, etc. in the process of promoting the sale of the high-tech HIPHI X, as well as false publicity and failure to comply with the contract in other vehicle configurations such as follow-up headlights and auxiliary driving systems. For example, Gaohe HIPHI X in the promotion and sales process said that its audio is "Meridian British treasure brand audio", the real car sound cover marked LOGO is also MERITDIAN, but after disassembly found that its configuration of audio is not a British treasure, but domestic Shangsheng brand audio. Although Gaohe responded urgently to the incident, the trust of the brand was affected, and no sales were announced since then. Terminal sales show that Gaohe sold 4520 vehicles in 2022 and 5559 in the first three quarters of 2023.

According to Tianyan, Chinese Express has only had one financing since its inception. In November 2021, it reached a strategic cooperation with Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch and received 5 billion yuan of strategic support from Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch. It actively provides financial services for the company's production, sales, reserves, product development, technological transformation and other economic activities.

In June this year, the Saudi Ministry of Investment signed an agreement worth 21 billion Saudi riyals (more than 40 billion yuan) with Chinese Express, the parent company of Gaohe Motor, to set up a joint venture engaged in automobile research and development, manufacturing and sales. This for the current sense of existence in the market is not strong for high-tech vehicles, provides a greater living space, but for the cooperation of high-tech vehicles did not disclose the details.


Judging from the realistic background, it seems that we have no choice but to go to sea to find a way out. NIO and Xiaopeng have accelerated the layout of overseas markets in the past two years, and the Middle East is also promoting investment in non-oil industries. Ulay and Future Motor have respectively received investment from Middle East countries, and the battlefield of China's new power has burned overseas, but it is uncertain whether Haohe Motor can be rolled to the end.

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