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Stop homemade! The new BMW X2 / BMW iX2 debuts

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At the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, a new generation of BMW X2 was unveiled and the new car will be produced in co-production with the new BMW X1/iX1 at the Regensburg plant in Germany. It is understood that the new car will provide gasoline, diesel and pure electric models, and is expected to be launched globally in March 2024, when the M35i xDrive will be launched at the same time. It should be noted that the BMW X2 was terminated in September this year, followed by the introduction of imported cars into the domestic market.

In terms of appearance, the new car uses BMW's classic double kidney grille design, and the front face uses a lot of highlight black decoration, so as to enhance the motion properties of the vehicle, and add luminous light belts around the grille, with sharp shapes on both sides of the LED headlight group, the recognition is extremely high. The bottom uses a large air inlet, supplemented by a black grid design, to further enhance the sense of movement.


On the side of the body, the new car retains a dynamic slip-back body design with smooth overall lines and a strong sense of fashion with the bright black trim at the window frame. Among them, the M35i model has an M logo on the front fender, which combines large-size rims and high-performance braking system to highlight the identity of its sports version. In terms of size, the new car is 4554/1845/1590mm in length, width and height, and its wheelbase is 2692mm, which is one lap larger than that of the old BMW X2. In the rear part, the new car uses a brand-new taillight design, with upturned spoiler components and the lower diffuser to create a good sense of movement. In terms of exhaust, except for the M35i xDrive model which adopts bilateral four-outlet exhaust, the other models all adopt hidden exhaust layout.

In the interior part, the new car also adopts BMW family design style, which is equipped with an integrated double screen system composed of full liquid crystal instruments and large central control screens, plus a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with a full sense of science and technology. Among them, the M35i model is also equipped with an integrated sports seat with M logo and blue stitches to further improve the driving atmosphere in the car. In addition, the new car also has the latest BMW iDrive 9 operating system.


In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a variety of power combinations, including the M35i xDrive with a 2.0L turbine plus a four-cylinder engine, the European version with a maximum output power of 300hp, the US and other regional models with a maximum power of 317hp and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.4s, and the sDrive20i model with a 1.5L turbine plus a three-cylinder engine with 48V light hybrid system with a combined maximum output power of 170hp. The sDrive18d is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output power of 150hp. In terms of transmission, the two models use a seven-speed double clutch gearbox.

In addition to the new BMW X2, the BMW iX2 also made its debut at the Tokyo auto show, which is BMW's first all-electric SAC model. The BMW iX2, like the new BMW X2, will be co-produced with the new BMW X1/iX1 at its plant in Regensburg, Germany, and is expected to go on sale in March next year.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the new BMW X2 design style, with the main difference in the front grille. The BMW iX2 is decorated with the enclosed grille commonly used in pure trams and decorated with quartz silver. In addition, the BMW iX2 is equipped with a brand new front enclosure assembly, the central smoked air inlet is designed to feel sporty, and the optional Iconic Glow lightable grille is supported to improve recognition at night.


On the side of the body, the BMW iX2 is obviously different from the BMW X2. The BMW iX2 uses a slip-back design with rims different from the fuel version, and the internal brake calipers are also designed in blue to highlight the nature of new energy. In terms of size, the BMW iX2 is 4554/1844/1590mm in length, width and height and 2692mm in wheelbase, positioning as a compact SUV. In the rear part, the overall shape of the BMW iX2 also basically continues the fuel vehicle design style, with slightly upturned spoiler with LED taillights on both sides of the strong recognition, surrounded by exaggerated diffuser design to enhance the motion attribute.

In the interior part, the layout of the BMW iX2 is basically the same as that of the BMW X2. The integrated duplex screen system composed of a full LCD instrument and a large central control screen with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel has a full sense of technology. BMW iX2 is decorated with blue atmosphere lights in the central control area to further highlight the identity of new energy. In terms of power, the BMW iX2 xDrive30 is driven by dual motors, with a maximum power of 313hp, a maximum torque of 494Nm, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.6s and a maximum speed of 180km/h.


According to the previous report of Automotive Industry concern, on September 21 this year, the domestic BMW X2 (F39) officially stopped production at the brilliance BMW plant in Shenyang, and no longer carried out local production, which also means that the domestic BMW X2 officially withdrew from the historical stage. The reason for the shutdown has something to do with the car's failure to bring sales and profit growth to the brand.

The BMW X2 was launched in 2017, debuted at the North American Auto Show in 2018 and introduced into domestic sales as imports. Since 2019, the BMW X2 has been domestically made, which is the seventh domestic BMW model and the only BMW LOGO model sold in the whole series. At that time, it formed an entry-level SUV combination with the BMW X1, which mainly competed with Audi Q3 and its sedan version, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Cadillac XT4, Volvo XC40 and other models in the car market.


Data show that from January to September this year, the BMW X2 sold only 12983 vehicles, with an average monthly sales of more than 1,000, compared with 19428 in 2022.

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