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Stunned! NIO launches customized wedding car service

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Recently, Xilai launched the service of "exclusive wedding car and leading for love", which aims to provide exclusive "wedding car customization service" for Xilai users. According to the poster, there are a variety of NIO models to choose from, and you can also choose to customize your own fleet of wedding cars. At the same time, it is also equipped with a dedicated driving specialist, which can meet a variety of immediate service needs on the wedding day. Unlimited mileage, free energy, more flexible to use the car.


It is understood that the service provides three packages, package one: only Wei to provide driving services, self-provided vehicles. Charge: 100 yuan for the first hour and 50 yuan per hour thereafter, and the overtime fee is also 50 yuan per hour. Package 2: provide vehicle + NIO driving service. Optional 2020 Ulay ES6, ES8 and EC6,4 hours (unlimited kilometers), 666 yuan per car; 8 hours (unlimited kilometers), 888yuan per car; extra charge of 100yuan per hour for overtime. Package 3: provide ET5T Rainbow team + Xilai driving service. The rate is 666 yuan per car for 4 hours (unlimited kilometers), 888 yuan per car for 8 hours (unlimited kilometers), and 100 yuan per hour for overtime. At the same time, it also provides the option of trailer, which requires an additional payment of 999 yuan on the basis of the total cost.


The exclusive wedding car service launched by Xilai Automobile has attracted the attention of many netizens. One netizen commented: this is very interesting. NIOzhen has become a service company. Another netizen said: has NIO ET7 got on the wedding car overseas? This business is good, and it can also be done domestically. Looking at the strong spontaneity of the community and users, it is estimated that there will be a fleet of 20-30 units anyway.



For the price of the wedding car service, many netizens pointed out that the price is slightly higher, even more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz fleet. Some netizens even pointed out that in the rental market, there are a bunch of A6L Personality A8LMague 5 series, E grade, which cost from 400 to 700 to 800 yuan a day. It is rare to use SUV for marriage. Unless they are fans of NIO, who uses this service?


The auto industry is concerned about looking up a car rental website to see that the daily rent for a similar Mercedes-Benz E300 is 900yuan per day, if the monthly rent is 15000 yuan, the average daily rent is 500yuan. According to the price of the wedding car service, it is still higher than that of Mercedes-Benz.

Interestingly, we can also see the ideal rental price of ONE on the website. The daily rent is 7000.If you rent on a monthly basis, it is 400 yuan a day. It is worth noting that for a long time, most people will choose to use luxury cars as wedding cars when they get married, which makes the luxury car rental market very hot. Of course, there are many types and services of wedding cars, and the price of wedding car rental is generally determined by the brand of wedding cars and the overall number of fleets.




Compared with using traditional luxury cars as wedding cars in the past, it is really refreshing to provide wedding car services. after all, there is no new car-building force to launch similar services at this stage. However, whether the wedding car service can work or not will need to be verified over time.

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