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Four managers of Dongfeng Company were handed over to judicial organs for prosecution.

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October twenty _ ninth The official account of the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Automobile Group, "Clean Dongfeng", issued the latest announcement: the discipline inspection organs of Dongfeng Company and the supervision organs of Shiyan City in Hubei Province, to Zhang Xiancheng, former member of the vehicle Logistics Division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Wu Guidong, former Deputy General Manager of spare parts Logistics Division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Ma Yunguo, former special commissioner of Dongfeng (Shiyan) Nonferrous casting Co., Ltd., and Lu Wen, former chief of facilities Management Section of Manufacturing Management Department of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., conducted disciplinary review and supervision investigation on serious violations of discipline and law respectively. The investigation has now been completed, and according to relevant regulations, Zhang Xiancheng, Wu Guidong, Ma Yunguo, and Lu Wen have been transferred to judicial organs for examination and prosecution in accordance with the law.


According to the previous report, Lu Wen, the former head of the facilities Management Section of the Manufacturing Management Department of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd., illegally accepted gifts and money, and accepted tourism problems that may affect the fair performance of official duties. From 2015 to 2022, Lu Wen repeatedly received cash red envelopes, shopping cards, high-end drinks, cigarettes and other gifts and gifts from management and service clients, totaling about 511400 yuan, some of which occurred during the Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals; tourism activities in Sichuan, Chongqing and other places funded by management and service objects. Lu Wen also has other serious violations of discipline and law. In August 2023, Lu Wen was expelled from the party and was expelled, and his suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution in accordance with the law.


As one of the four major automobile groups in China, Dongfeng Automobile is a very large automobile enterprise directly managed by the central government. Its predecessor is the "second Automobile Factory", which was built in Shiyan, Hubei Province in 1969. After 50 years of construction, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou have been built one after another. In addition, there are branch enterprises in Shanghai, Liuzhou in Guangxi, Yancheng in Jiangsu, Nanchong in Sichuan, Zhengzhou in Henan, Urumqi in Xinjiang, Chaoyang in Liaoning, Hangzhou in Zhejiang and Kunming in Yunnan.

With the increasing growth of the automobile industry, the automobile trading market is becoming more and more complex. Departments involving huge capital exchanges, such as market sales, media public relations, advertising and so on, can easily become the worst-hit areas of corruption. At present, the situation of party style and clean government building and anti-corruption struggle in state-owned central enterprises is still grim and complicated. As a super-large automobile company under the direct control of the central government, Dongfeng Company is far more aggressive in the fight against corruption than other automobile companies. According to incomplete statistics, as of October 20, 2023, a total of 15 senior executives of Dongfeng Company were investigated. Including Luo Xinwen, Party Committee Secretary and Director / General Manager of Dongfeng Consulting Co., Ltd., Sun Zhigang, Vice Minister of Commodity Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Wu Guidong, former Deputy General Manager of spare parts Logistics Division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Dong Haozhuan, former after-sales service director of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiancheng, former deputy general manager of vehicle logistics division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Lu Wen, Chief of facilities Management Section 2, Manufacturing Management Department of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Of course, this also reflects from the side that the corruption within Dongfeng Company has gone deep into all aspects compared with other automobile groups, and it still needs more in-depth examination and investigation.

"the risk of integrity in priority areas is still high. The problems of bid collusion and internal and external collusion in the fields of new energy, procurement, bidding and bidding are relatively serious. Some leading cadres transfer interests and misappropriate state assets by holding 'dry shares' and acting as' shadow shareholders'. Some leading cadres are willing to be 'hunted' and become 'agents' and 'spokesmen' of 'interest groups'. " Huang Chuan, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, and inspector of the State Supervisory Commission in Dongfeng Company, said: "We must always blow the charge, always maintain a strict tone, strict measures, and a strict atmosphere, fight corruption and punish evil with zero tolerance, and never tolerate it."

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