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The boss "run away" lost contact? A 4S store was shut down.

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According to media reports such as the Jinan Times, a 4S store in Jinan is suspected to have been seized by the court because of a broken capital chain, and the boss "ran away" lost contact, resulting in a number of employees being in arrears and several car owners unable to list their certificates mortgaged.

It is understood that the above-mentioned 4S store is Jinan Star Toyota Motor sales and Service Co., Ltd., which has been sealed up by the court, with a closure notice from the Qingzhou people's Court posted at the door, with a sealing period from October 20, 2023 to October 19, 2025. According to the security personnel at the gate of the 4S store, many customers came to consult the situation after being seized. At present, the personnel are free to go in and out, but the security personnel should strictly supervise the items in the area and beware of loss, and an additional police car has been sent at the door to maintain order.


The staff of the 4S store at the scene pointed out that the reason for the closure of the 4S store may be that the capital chain was broken due to poor management. at present, the boss could not be contacted, many 4S store staff could not settle their salaries, and some vehicles had been sealed.

It is reported that the certificates of the vehicles purchased by the 4S store were mortgaged to the bank and could not be delivered, and many car owners could not be licensed. Mr. Guo, who lives in Taian, reported to the media that he spent 320000 yuan on a Toyota car at the above-mentioned 4S store on Sept. 6, but more than a month later, he did not get a vehicle certificate and could not go through the follow-up formalities. "the salesman promised to give the certificate 15 days on the day of the car purchase, and has been postponing it ever since, and promised to deliver it within 10 days after the end of the double holiday, until today," Mr. Guo said. "

Mr. Guo said that at present, like Mr. Guo, there are about 40 car owners who have not received the certificate, and nearly 30 car owners have paid the deposit and payment and have not mentioned the car yet. "when I came to the scene today, I saw that many cars had been sealed. We contacted the star Toyota and the other side suggested that we sue." Therefore, many car owners reported to the Zhangzhuang police station in Huaiyin District, but the police thought that the case was a contract dispute and did not file a case, so they suggested that the car owner should file a civil action.


According to the public information of Tianyan check, Jinan Star Toyota Motor sales and Service Co., Ltd. was established in February 2002, located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, with Song Kejun as its legal representative, with registered capital and paid-in capital of 5 million RMB. Is an enterprise mainly engaged in motor vehicles, electronic products and daily products repair industry. The company is 60% owned by Tianjin Automotive Industry sales Shandong Co., Ltd.

The 4S store involved has been operating in the local area for 21 years. It has ranked among the top 50 Toyota dealers in the country and is deeply trusted by local consumers. According to official account, the last tweet of the "Star Toyota" official account targeted for brand promotion will be pushed on May 14 this year, while the last post on another "Jinan star Toyota" official account will be pushed on October 1, 2022.

Heavenly eye survey shows that Jinan Star Toyota Motor sales and Service Co., Ltd. involves 13 pieces of chattel mortgage information, the total amount of guaranteed claims is 511 million yuan. The latest mortgagee is Ping an Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, the debtor to fulfill the debt maturity from December 24, 2020 to December 24, 2022, the amount is 100 million yuan, the collateral is FAW Toyota series cars.


In addition, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Jinan Star Toyota Motor sales and Service Co., Ltd. was listed in the abnormal operation list information on October 27, 2023.


On October 24, the media reported that a person in charge of the Huaiyin District Commerce Bureau surnamed Liu said that as of yesterday, the legal representative of the 4S store could not be contacted. "at present, the Huaiyin District Government attaches great importance to the situation reflected by the relevant citizens." led by the political and legal Committee of the Huaiyin District CPC Committee, four joint stability maintenance teams have been set up and have been involved in the investigation. " However, the person in charge pointed out: at present, the administrative penalty is no longer meaningful to the 4S store involved. The purpose of the administrative penalty is to supervise the healthy and standardized development of the enterprise. Now that the enterprise can no longer operate, it has lost the significance of supervision. It is suggested that consumers register their creditor's rights with the relevant departments as soon as possible. If the follow-up 4S store goes through the bankruptcy procedure, consumers can avoid heavy losses.

As of press time, Toyota officials did not respond to the news.

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