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Harvard New Energy 4S store catches fire! Official: influenced by external forces

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Recently, the latest progress has finally been made regarding the fire incident of a Haval in a new energy 4S store in Yibin in September. On October 30, Qiao Xinyu, executive deputy general manager of Haval brand, posted on his micro blog that the analysis report of the Judicial Appraisal Center of Sichuan Fire Research Institute of Emergency Management Department showed that the fire incident was not a vehicle product quality problem, but due to external force influence. At the same time, several screenshots of the analysis report were released together.


As can be seen from the screenshot of the report, the report said that the battery pack at the lower part of the chassis of the burning car was disassembled, and the interior of the battery pack as a whole was baked by external fire, and some insulating materials and part of the wire insulation layer showed charring, softening and melting marks. The batteries are arranged neatly as a whole, and there are no traces such as deformation and loss around them. It is confirmed that no fault trace is found inside the battery pack of the burning car. It was finally confirmed that the cause of the fire was an electrical fault in a charging cable in the external charger, which caused a high temperature arc to ignite surrounding combustibles.




Review of related events: On September 9, a fire broke out in a Great Wall 4S shop in Cuiping District, Yibin, Sichuan Province. At that time, the incident also attracted a lot of attention from netizens on the Internet. Subsequently, Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Haval brand, also responded in time on Weibo that an H6 PHEV caught fire in 4S store of Haval New Energy in Yibin, Sichuan Province, and the fire was quickly controlled without causing casualties. Through collecting the background data of the vehicle, it is found that the vehicle has not reported abnormality. After inquiring with the staff of 4S shop and analyzing the background data, it is preliminarily judged that the possibility of fire caused by external force is relatively high. Haval brand attaches great importance to this matter, and I will synchronize with you for further information.



Didn't expect more than one time, the fire incident also waited for the investigation results. In this regard, many netizens expressed support for the public explanation of Great Wall Motors. Some netizens said: a lot of things, in fact, not afraid of accidents, afraid of hiding, to open and transparent attitude praise. Some netizens said: there is a response, there is responsibility to bear. This is the attitude that new energy should have, so that consumers can understand clearly.




In fact, new energy vehicles are the development direction of the future automobile market. In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, multiple brands of new energy vehicles have been on fire and spontaneous combustion accidents have long become the focus of new energy vehicles, and safety issues have also attracted the attention of consumers. As we all know, the fire of new energy vehicles is not only related to external factors such as hot weather, but also related to the battery pack of new energy vehicles, the service life of new energy vehicles, the wiring inside the vehicle and the circuit board. In addition, it is also related to the charging environment of new energy vehicles and the quality of charging piles.

Up to now, although new energy vehicle fire accidents occur frequently, but few car companies will make follow-up reports, which also makes consumers worried about the safety of new energy vehicles. This time, the Great Wall Motor official announced the follow-up of the fire incident, which is also conducive to consumers to understand the truth of the matter, and also plays a certain positive role in the brand.

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