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Baoneng was fined tens of millions of unpaid wages.

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According to the official website of Credit China, Baoneng Automobile sales Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baoneng Automobile Co., Ltd., and Baoneng New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. were fined 50,000 yuan by the Human Resources Bureau of Longhua District of Shenzhen respectively for failing to pay their employees' wages.

Baoneng Automobile sales Co., Ltd.: arrears of 28 employees 462300 yuan in January 2023, 25 employees 336700 yuan in February 2023, 23 employees 296300 yuan in March 2023, 23 employees 281900 yuan in April 2023, 20 employees 206800 yuan in May 2023, 17 employees 84,800 yuan in June 2023 The wages of 81 employees were 784900 yuan in arrears in July 2023, with a total of 2.4547 million yuan in arrears.


Shenzhen Baoneng Automobile Co., Ltd.: 2.1961 million yuan in January 2023, 251400 yuan in February 2023, 2.1214 million yuan in March 2023, 171500 yuan in April 2023, 2.1795 million yuan in May 2023, 369,200 yuan in June 2023, a total of 7.289100 yuan.


Shenzhen Branch of Baoneng New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd.: 7.6446 million yuan in December 2022, 7.0553 million yuan in January 2023, 6.2651 million yuan in February 2023, 5.682 million yuan in March 2023, 3.9758 million yuan in April 2023, 4.0447 million yuan in May 2023, Arrears of wages of 3.212 million yuan for 182 employees in June 2023 The wages of 159employees were 3.2371 million yuan in arrears in July 2023, with a total of 41.1167 million yuan in arrears.


To sum up, Baoneng Automobile sales Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baoneng Automobile Co., Ltd., and Baoneng New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. were fined 50, 000 yuan by Shenzhen Longhua District Human Resources Bureau for arrears of wages totaling 50.8608 million yuan. It is understood that the three companies have been administratively punished for failing to pay their employees several times before.

As a matter of fact, Baoneng's arrears of wages are nothing new. At the end of July this year, Yao Zhenhua was besieged and asked for pay by former Baoneng automobile employees in Shenzhen, after which he was taken away. Subsequently, the official website of Baoneng Group issued a notice saying, "the Group is determined to fulfill the main corporate responsibilities, the vast majority of business units are paid normally, and some of the business units with delayed wages are trying their best to solve them and have never been lazy."

On Sept. 11, the report on the Progress of salary claim of Baoneng Automobile employees, compiled by former employees of Baoneng Automobile, caused hot discussion on the Internet. the document records that more than 9000 employees of Baoneng Automobile have owed their wages. involving Baoneng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Baoneng Automobile supply chain Management Co., Ltd., covering the entire system of manpower, legal affairs, brand, archives, research and development, sales, dealers and so on.


It is worth mentioning that while owing wages, Baoneng Motor started the recruitment work again, and promised that the wages of the newly recruited employees could be paid normally, and half a month's salary would be paid as soon as they checked in. This has caused dissatisfaction among many employees because Baoneng has been in arrears of wages for a long time, and the first consideration is not to solve the problem of unpaid wages of existing employees, but to issue a notice of "half a month's salary in advance" to attract more people to join Baoneng. However, some insiders said that no new recruits have been employed in the past half a month, and there is no news of new entrants around.

At present, Baoneng's overall business has reached a stalemate, and even though Yao Zhenhua has not given up his hope of survival, Baoneng, which has been caught in a quagmire in many ways, has shown signs of fatigue. Baoneng paid tens of millions of dollars to suppliers to build cars and plans to produce 20,000 new cars by the end of the year, the Daily Business News reported. According to the report, a former Baoneng executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "Baoneng is probably 'performing' building a car!" The essence seems to be to encircle the land with money. "

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