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After leaving Great Wall Motor, Guotiefu joined Geely Radar as CMO

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Guo Tiefu, former public relations general manager of Great Wall, has joined Geely's radar brand as chief marketing officer, according to media reports.

According to the data, Guotiefu graduated from the University of Ghent in Belgium in 2006 with a master's degree in knowledge and information management, and then engaged in the field of automobile brand and product communication. Prior to joining Great Wall, Guotiefu served as executive deputy general manager of Baowo Automobile Group Marketing Company, and has since been responsible for marketing planning in Audi, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover and other car companies. He joined Chinese Express in May 2018 as the senior director of Gaohe Automobile Market and Public Relations. He joined Lutes in October 2022 and became the senior director of marketing, general manager of public relations in Lutes China.


On February 8, Great Wall announced that Guotiefu would be the general manager of Great Wall Automobile Public Relations since February 2023, responsible for Great Wall Automobile brand building and foreign media public relations. Great Wall said that the addition of Guotefu will further strengthen the marketing management team of Great Wall Motor. However, after only three months of joining Great Wall Motor, Guotiefu left. On May 31, Guotiefu resigned as General Manager of Public Relations of Great Wall Automobile brand for personal reasons and officially left Great Wall Motor.


Radar car, Geely's new high-end new energy pickup brand, was officially launched in July 2022. The first pickup model, Radar RD6, went on sale in November 2022 with a price range of 17.88-268800 yuan. In terms of power, the radar RD6 is equipped with a maximum power 200kW drive motor with a maximum mileage of 632km, supports 120kW fast charging, and has economical, comfortable and sports driving modes.


According to the product plan, from 2022 to 2026, radar cars will launch no less than five product series, including medium-sized pure electric pickup, medium and large new energy pickup, full-size pure electric pickup, off-road SUV, ATV, etc., covering pure electricity, super hybrid and other power modes.


From the electric pickup, the current radar RD6 has no competitors, from the horizontal price point of view, the fuel version of the Great Wall gun is undoubtedly similar to the radar RD6 positioning, the pickup car. In comparison, the Great Wall ploughing the field of pickups has always had a relatively good reputation, the model size of the gun is also larger, strong passing capacity, and has a number of versions and modified versions for users to choose from, but the model itself is relatively old. Radar RD6 is friendlier to commute in cities, has better power performance, and has more economical car costs, while taking into account outdoor travel needs.

Under the strong advocacy of the State Council, all parts of the country have set off an upsurge of lifting the ban on pickups, and the pickup market has ushered in a brand-new opportunity for development. In the pickup market, the State Council has twice proposed "implementing fine management of pickup vehicles entering the city and studying further relaxing restrictions on the entry of pick-up trucks" to clarify the general direction of lifting the ban on pick-up trucks, and urge relevant departments and local governments to ensure that various measures are implemented in a timely manner. Up to now, a number of provinces and cities in China have issued notices to lift the ban on pickups, which can be said to be unprecedented in terms of policy.


CEO Ling Shiquan, a radar new energy vehicle, said that radar new energy vehicles broke the restrictions of traditional pickups and upgraded the previous functions of giving consideration to loads and tools to a new experience in outdoor multiple scenes. Radar RD6 is based on the original pure electricity platform M.A.P to meet the diverse needs of outdoor life and economy, and will create new value for users.

The latest figures show that pickup sales in 2023 are relatively mediocre, with sales of 377000 vehicles in the first three quarters, down 2.1 per cent from 2022. The Federation said that due to the strong summer production and high base of pickup last year, and the real estate downturn this year, overall pickup sales fell slightly by 2.1% from January to September compared with the same period last year, despite the encouragement of policies to promote consumption.

Among them, Great Wall truck sales outshine others, Great Wall pickup sales share continues to increase in recent years, accounting for nearly half of the domestic market. In addition, Jiangling Motor, Zhengzhou Nissan, Jiangxi Isuzu and other pick-up truck sales also maintain a strong position, with the sharp increase in the export market, SAIC Chase, Jianghuai Automobile, Changan pickup truck also rise rapidly, but the domestic market competition pattern is stable.

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