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The latest complaint list: a joint venture brand dominating list!

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According to car quality network statistics, a total of 16428 effective complaints from car owners were accepted in October 2023, down 12.4% from the previous month and an increase of 44.4% over the same period last year. Data show that a total of 806 models were involved in effective complaint information in October, of which 158 models complained of more than double digits (including). It should be noted that the cumulative number of complaints from January to October 2023 has exceeded the total number of complaints for the whole year of 2022.


According to the "TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in October 2023", among the top 10 models on the list, two Toyota joint ventures in China became the "hardest hit areas" of the list, of which the top three were all from FAW Toyota. The number of complaints, including Crown, RAV4 Rongfang and Carola, were 222,219 and 211 respectively, with Carola up 21.26% month-on-month. The reasons for the complaints of the three models are all platitudes, including "instrument cracking" Aging of components, system upgrade problems; other ". FAW Toyota Ruizhi has also been complained of "instrument cracking; parts aging" to the sixth place on the list.


A Carola 2021 1.2T S-CVT elite PLUS version owner said: "using the car navigation map can not be updated, too old, you need to use a mobile phone to navigate when driving, there are great safety risks. Toyota is strongly required to upgrade the car system to facilitate users to choose and install navigation software, so that the navigation system can be used normally. The pioneer version of the lower version supports cable, but the elite version does not support it." What's the point of buying a high-end device? I haven't been contacted by phone all the time. I hope to deal with it as soon as possible. "


In addition, Camry and Leiling, owned by Guangzhou Auto Toyota, another Toyota joint venture in China, were also complained to fifth and seventh on the list because of "system upgrade problems; shadow system failures". Dongfeng Nissan Teana, also a Japanese brand, was complained to 10th on the list because of "system upgrade problems; instrument cracks". Outside the top 10, GAC Toyota Wiranda was complained to 15th, 18th and 30th respectively due to "system upgrade problem; audio-visual system failure"; FAW-Toyota Asia Dragon due to "system upgrade problem; other"; and Guangzhou Automobile-Toyota Hanlanda due to "audio-visual system failure; disguised charge".


Looking back at the top 10 models on the list, Great Wall car Wei Lanshan DHT-PHEV is the only independent brand on the list. Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV is a brand new model launched by Wei Brand on April 13, with a total of two models with a price range of 27.38-308800, which is also the main source of sales of Wei Brand. According to the data of the Federation of passengers, Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV sales from May to September were 5136, 5506, 5566, 5023 and 2026 respectively.


The number of Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV complaints in October was 204, due to "price changes; sales recognition dishonoured". The owner of the 2023 four-wheel drive ultra-long-lasting version complained: "when I bought the car at that time, there was no discount or any rights and interests activities, but there was an agreement to guarantee the price of the car, and within a few months, the price of the car was reduced by tens of thousands, which was too backstabbing the owner. I hope to make up for it!"


In other words, the Blue Mountain model is not complained about because of the quality problems of the vehicle itself. Also complained about "price changes" include Geely Galaxy L6, Zero car C11, Teng Teng car Teng N7, Polar Krypton car Polar Krypton X.


In fact, after entering 2023, "price changes" are very common in the automobile industry. "Automobile Industry concern" believes that frequent price adjustments do cause confusion to car owners, especially price cuts. If car companies can not appease old car owners in time, it is easy to make old car owners unbalanced, and for this reason, some car owners will also provide some compensation for their rights and interests.

Among the top 10, brilliance BMW X3 and BMW 5 Series were complained to the eighth and ninth places on the list, including "not in line with publicity; burning oil" and "abnormal noise of transmission shaft, inconsistent with publicity". In addition, the BMW 3 Series was complained of "abnormal noise of the transmission shaft and abnormal wear and tear of the braking system" to 15th on the list.

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Automobile as a large amount of consumer goods, complaints are directly related to the safety and quality of consumers, so they have been concerned by consumers. Judging from the overall complaint list in October, there are more complaints from Japanese brands, most of which are concentrated in Toyota. In addition, the complaints in October mainly focused on "price changes, audio-visual system failures" and "system upgrade problems".


Overall, the number of independent brand complaints decreased significantly in October compared with the previous month, while the number of joint venture brand complaints increased significantly, accounting for 2.4% of the increase compared with September. In terms of breakdown, with the exception of European, legal and Korean systems, the number of complaints of other brands in other countries decreased to varying degrees compared with the previous month. Among them, the number of German brand complaints remained high, accounting for 1.3% of the month-on-month increase. By contrast, the number of complaints against European brands bucked the trend, rising 16.9 per cent from September, making it the national brand with the highest month-on-month increase in complaints in October.

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