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In the 88 years since its establishment, Toyota has produced a total of 300 million vehicles.

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On November 6th Toyota announced that its global cumulative production had reached 300 million vehicles by the end of September. However, it is puzzling that Toyota did not hold a grand new car launch ceremony, and the milestone was announced a month later today.


Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda said, "the figure of 300 million is done by Toyota colleagues, suppliers, dealers and all other stakeholders and predecessors, and can not be separated from their hard work every day." Toyota is facing crises again and again, but every time we are saved by customers who love Toyota. Together with all our colleagues who love cars, we will build cars one by one. "

Toyota President Eiji Sato also said, "from the planning and design of spare parts and vehicles, to production, logistics, sales and service, as well as all the personnel who provide support for every link, they have overcome numerous challenges." Whenever we are faced with a crisis in which we are unable to produce cars, we all work together to restore or adjust production. In the future, we will try our best to build better cars and bring smiles to our customers. "

According to Toyota, 181 million of the 300m Toyota cars are made at Toyota factories in Japan, while about 120 million are produced at Toyota plants outside Japan, with the Corolla (the domestic Corolla / Liling) being its best-selling model.

The first generation of Corolla was born in 1966, after 12 update iterations, global production of 53.399 million vehicles by the end of September 2023, accounting for 17.8% of Toyota's total global production, is the best-selling model in the world. As a sales giant in the domestic and global compact car market, the Corolla is favored by the general public for a reason. Its three major weapons are leather durability, high-level appearance and excellent fuel economy. Global sales of Corolla/Levin models in 2022 were 991600, down 10% from the same period last year, including 441700 in China, 249900 in Carola and 191800 in Leiling.


It is understood that Toyota Motor Company has a history of 88 years since its establishment. In 1933, the Toyota automatic loom manufacturing institute set up the automobile department. Kiichiro Kumada, a classmate of Toyoda, bought him a German DKW front-wheel drive car from Germany. After two years of disassembly and research, he finally built a Toyota GI truck in August 1935. In 1937, the Automobile Department declared its independence from Toyota automatic Loom Co., Ltd.

Toyota's cumulative global production has reached 300 million vehicles, thanks to the Chinese market. In 1964, Toyota first entered the Chinese market and exported Toyota Crown models to China. In 2000, Tianjin Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (now FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.) was established, followed by the introduction of the ninth generation Corolla domestic name "Corolla". In 2004, Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (now Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.) was established, and the first production car, Camry Camry, was officially off the line in 2006.


In 2022, Toyota sold about 10.483 million vehicles worldwide (including Dafa and Hino), ranking first in global car sales for three years in a row. Toyota's global sales are basically the same as in the same period, thanks to sales growth in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Toyota sold 1.9406 million vehicles in China in 2022, down 0.2% from a year earlier and accounting for 18% of the global market, according to official figures. This is the first time Toyota has seen a decline in sales in China in nearly a decade.

Although Toyota has set a milestone and is still the largest carmaker in the world, Toyota, as a traditional automobile giant, has begun to highlight the pressure of development in the era of new energy vehicles.

In August 2023, BYD's 5 millionth new energy vehicle was launched in Shenzhen, becoming the first car company in the world to reach this milestone. In October 2023, BYD became the only Chinese carmaker to take part in the Tokyo Motor Show, with Seal, Dolphin, Yuan PLUS, Tengli D9 and U8 gathering. These models were far more popular than other car brands at the auto show, and the scene was packed.


Of course, BYD does not have a strong sense of presence in the Japanese market and can not be accepted by local consumers, but what is certain is that in the era of electric cars, BYD is ahead of Toyota, and although Toyota has announced a huge investment in electric cars, the transformation is particularly difficult, unable to abandon the fuel car business as BYD did.


Generally speaking, as the largest car company in the world, Toyota's transformation is far more difficult than Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Honda and other car companies. As the leader of Toyota, it is also necessary to have great courage and energy to pull the company forward. Moreover, although Toyota's share of the fuel vehicle market has declined, it is still one of the most profitable car companies in the world, so maybe Toyota is up in the air about the transition route. The current situation is that Toyota's management team, led by Henji Sato, is still facing a decline in sales while promoting the transformation of electrification, and the future of Toyota will be answered by time.

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