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Tesla responded that the price of Model Y will rise again!

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On November 7, in response to a number of Tesla salespeople's notice of the imminent price increase of Model Y in moments, Tesla responded: "the news is true."


It is understood that a number of Tesla salespeople issued a notice of the imminent price increase of Model Y in moments, saying: "Model Y is about to rise in price, which is a continuous adjustment after the high-performance price increase of 14000 yuan." A sales staff said: "this price increase may be a long-lasting version of the Model Y model, the price may rise at any time, the final price adjustment and time is subject to the official announcement."


In this regard, Tesla said: today, many media friends asked Tesla about the price increase of Model Y. After the price increase of Model Y high-performance version by 14000 yuan on October 27th, we do plan to adjust the prices of other versions of Model Y models accordingly. Model Y has completed the evolution and upgrade of the whole series of models on October 1st, with the addition of multi-color atmosphere lights in the interior, newer technology fabric materials in the instrument panel and front door trim panel, and an updated 19-inch twin star wheel design. Tesla's price system has always been fair and transparent, and the Model Y after the price increase is still the best product at the same price in the domestic market. "

Tesla raised the price of the Model Y high-performance model by 14000 yuan to 363900 yuan on October 27th, while the prices of the other two versions remained unchanged. At that time, Tesla did not give an explanation for the sudden price rise of Tesla's Model Y model. However, the relevant person in charge told the media that Tesla's price adjustment is based on cost changes.


Model Y is Tesla's first domestic SUV model, which went on sale in 2021. On October 1st, Tesla officially announced that the new Tesla Model Y was on the market. The new car has three models with a price range of 263900-349900 yuan, including 263900 yuan for the rear wheel drive version, 299900 yuan for the long-range version and 349900 yuan for the high-performance version. As a new model, the performance configuration of the new car has been improved, but the price remains the same, including a new multicolor atmosphere lamp on the interior and a highly textured scientific and technological textile material on the dashboard. The rear wheel drive version has an acceleration capability of 1 second to 5.9 seconds higher than that of the previous model.


At present, Tesla Model Y has three models on sale, with a price range of 26.39-363900 yuan, with a delivery cycle of 2-6 weeks for both rear-wheel drive version and high-performance version, and 6-8 weeks for long-term flight version with dual-motor all-wheel drive. If the above information from the sales staff is true, it means that the price of the long-lasting version of the model will once again exceed 300000 yuan. However, as of press time, Tesla has not yet announced the specific price increase is which version of the Model Y model.


According to statistics, from January to October this year, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory delivered a total of 770000 new cars, of which Tesla sold 72115 new cars wholesale in China in October, down 2.6% from 74073 in September, a far cry from BYD (301095).


According to official data, Tesla delivered a total of 1.324 million vehicles worldwide from January to September this year, which is calculated according to Tesla's global annual sales target of 1.8 million vehicles, which means that Tesla's annual sales completion rate is 73.6%. It is difficult for Tesla to achieve the 26.4% sales target in the remaining two months.

As for the reasons why the price of other versions of Tesla Model Y models will be adjusted, Tesla officials also did not give an explanation, but some industry insiders believe that: "Tesla increases prices or because he is currently under great profit pressure, he is eager to restore gross profit margin."


Tesla's total revenue rose 9 per cent year-on-year to $23.35 billion in the third quarter, but both net profit and gross profit margin fell significantly due to massive price cuts during the year, according to official financial reports. Of this total, net profit was $1.853 billion, down 44 per cent from a year earlier, while gross profit margin fell to 17.9 per cent, down 7.2 per cent from 25.1 per cent in the same period last year. For comparison, Tesla Q1 gross profit margin dropped from 19.3% to 18.2%. This also means that Tesla's gross profit margin has continued to decline in three quarters this year, which is also the lowest gross profit margin in nearly four years. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the third-quarter earnings call that Tesla will still try to reduce the price of his car. "the importance of cost cannot be overemphasized. We have to make our products more affordable so that people can afford them," he said. "

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