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Understand the car emperor AEB measurement: Xiaopeng G6/G9 ranks last

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On the evening of November 7th, Zhi Che Di did a major AEB test on a number of mainstream new energy models, including M5, Avita 11, Tesla Model 3, Tengli N7, Xiaopeng G6/G9, and Polar Krypton X. the test is divided into two parts: AEB versus static fake car and static two-wheeled electric vehicle in dark environment.

In the test of static fake cars by AEB in the dark environment, the performance of M5 and Avita 11 is very excellent, with a maximum braking speed of 80km, but according to the understanding car emperor, the braking speed of 80km/h may not be the limit of the above two models, because they are worried about the damage of the test car, so they do not continue to improve the speed test, but as Xiaopeng, which is in great dispute with Huawei recently. The test results of its old model Xiaopeng G6/G9 are very ugly, with a maximum braking speed of only 40km.

Let's take a look at the static two-wheeled electric vehicle test. The M5 and the Avita 11 have the highest braking speed 60km, while the Xiaopeng G6 and G9 failed the 40km twice, and even the G9 failed the 30km/h test.



Judging from the test results, both the M5 and the Avita 11 performed well, while the two models of Xiaopeng performed worse.

Chairman he Xiaopeng shared his views on AEB on Weibo on Nov. 8: "I think Xiaopeng should first optimize the ability of intelligent assisted driving in this respect, and then, according to the performance of the data, steadily and reliably bring part of the ability into the field of human-based active driving safety, and the error rate will be reduced to a few billion. Secondly, I have always believed that in terms of the active safety strategy of manned driving, we must be in awe of people-oriented technology and the accumulation of experience, and be very careful not to cause other safety or experience problems. Or excessively reduce the driving boundary of self-driving, resulting in seemingly safer, but in reality the loss is greater than the gain.


With regard to AEB-related tests, he Xiaopeng pointed out that Xiaopeng and many vehicles have been or are about to get double five-star safety assessment and even some of the scene scores are at the top. However, if we follow the test methods in some videos, because some of the scene evaluation strategies have been revised and adjusted to a certain extent, if we also test all vehicles that achieve five-star safety, I believe most of the results will be the same. So why do a few models look better, because it devolves the ability of intelligent assistant driving (the driver is passive at this time) to active driving. In fact, this is the basic ability of all high-level autopilot manufacturers.

The beginning and end of the "AEB dispute"

He Xiaopeng said in an interview with No. 42 Garage on Nov. 2 that most people may never have touched AEB. Competitors said AEB, I think 99% is fake, those promotions are not officially released by the company, all from small videos. Competitors' AEB cannot be driven at all, and there are too many cases of wrong brakes on the road.

Although he Xiaopeng did not name his competitor, many netizens think that it is alluding to the AITO boundary. The new M7, which was listed earlier, regards AEB as one of the important selling points. The new M7 is equipped with the industry's first omni-directional anti-collision system, which can achieve forward, lateral and backward omni-directional anti-collision capability. Raising the maximum braking speed of the AEB to 90km/h can reduce traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions by 90 per cent, and Huawei is currently recognized as a leader in smart driving capabilities.


On the evening of November 3, Yu Chengdong, managing director and terminal BG CEO of Huawei, forwarded an article entitled "OTA heavy upgrade, do not rely on high-precision maps, and can be opened all over the country" on moments and said: "experience it quickly!" Even what AEB is, I can't believe that the head of a car company still doesn't understand it at all. " Subsequently, Yu Chengdong continued to leave a message: "some people simply do not understand what AEB is!" It's almost the same as telling someone that smart driving is a hoax! " "lack of basic understanding of the technological progress and future development of the industry!" "some car companies are busy doing smart driving all day, and the results of AEB active safety tests are very poor. I am very surprised to know that they have not even done the basic functions of AEB. Either he has been fooled by his staff, or he lacks the most basic understanding of the development of the automobile industry! "

On the evening of November 4, he Xiaopeng said in a post on moments: "I recently evaluated an industry chaos. As a result, the industry is not in a hurry, but the non-industry is in a hurry. I don't know what he is in a hurry about."

Then, the official accounts of both sides began to end, Xiaopeng Motor's official account launched the topic of "AEB Learning Notes", and AITO Automobile then released an article entitled "Don't fight a senseless war of words, win a tough battle of safety!" "the article. At the same time, Avita CEO Tan Benhong, General Manager of Teng Teng sales Division Zhao Changjiang, Chairman of ideal Automobile Li Xiang, and Hezhong New Energy CEO Zhang Yong all left the stage one after another to express their views.

Going back to the nature of the problem, what is the "AEB" that Yu Chengdong and he Xiaopeng pinched up? AEB can detect the distance between the vehicle or obstacle in front of it by radar, analyze it through electronic control unit, judge whether there is a risk of collision according to different distance and speed, issue an alarm to the driver, maximize automatic emergency braking or decelerate the vehicle, so as to reduce the probability of collision with the vehicle or pedestrian in front and avoid accidents.

Why AEB can cause the two business managers to publicly align with each other is actually the concentrated embodiment of the two companies competing for seats in the domestic smart driving head manufacturers. Xiaopeng has XNGP technology (full-scene intelligent driving), while Huawei has ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system, and intelligent driving technology is equal to sales to some extent.

Actually, it's not just AEB. On Xiaopeng Technology Day, Xiaopeng announced the latest research and development progress of intelligent driving assistance system and mass production landing plan, which will achieve urban intelligent driving assistance system to cover the country's major road networks in 2024. Huawei, on the other hand, is even more aggressive, predicting that high-level intelligent driving assistance in urban areas that do not rely on high-precision maps will cover the country by December, far exceeding the previous plan of 45 cities.

In fact, when returning to the market, consumers do not have high requirements for AEB. It is only one of the safe configurations, and there are also many limitations, such as more complex scenarios, sensor status, other obstacle objects, and so on, which may affect the normal effectiveness of AEB. The alignment between the boundary and Xiaopeng is also the embodiment of the fierce competition among new energy vehicles at present. For car companies, how to solve a series of problems, such as how to solve the problem that the speed exceeds the working range of vehicle hardware, how to enhance the perception of millimeter wave to static targets, how to deal with the influence of lighting conditions on cameras, and how to solve a series of problems, such as false triggers, is the key for all car companies to climb over the hill.

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