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Add the technology! SAIC General Motors Software and Digital Center established

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With the rapid development of intelligence in the automobile industry, consumers' requirements for intelligent vehicles are also increasing. Moving towards intelligence has also become the focus of car companies.

On November 8, SAIC General Motors officially announced the establishment of the Automotive Software and Digital Center. According to the official introduction, the newly established SAIC General Motors Software and Digital Center is based on the technical and business needs of "cloud management" and strives to create an organizational structure of car-cloud collaboration, which can accelerate the deep integration of digitization, intelligence and automobiles, and provide Chinese consumers with better and richer functions and experiences of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving around the needs of user scenes.


At the same time, officials pointed out that as an important carrier of digital transformation, SAIC General Motors Software and Digital Center will focus on the development of cutting-edge science and technology and the future travel ecological needs of the market, integrate the superior resources of the full service chain, and speed up the development of cutting-edge intelligent network technology, iterative and localized applications. To provide users with better intelligent network connection functions and digital services.


In addition, officials also mentioned a new generation of VCS intelligent cockpit, a new generation of SUPER CRUISE super driving assistance system and vehicle interconnection system OTA remote upgrade, which said that in recent years, SAIC GM has focused on cutting-edge scientific and technological development and future travel ecological needs of the market, constantly accelerating the development and application of "software-defined vehicles". Continue to create advanced technologies, products and solutions of the "automobile intelligent era", provide users with better intelligent networking functions and digital services, and comprehensively embrace a new era of scene-oriented, software definition, data-driven and intelligent travel.


Relevant data show that in order to speed up the development and application of "software-defined cars". GM has made 22 OTA remote upgrades so far this year, involving more than 2.5 million vehicles. In-depth optimization of human-computer interaction has also been carried out to make the vehicle setting more convenient, and the navigation and third-party ecological interface has also been comprehensively updated.


In terms of speech recognition ability, a brand-new speech engine upgrade is adopted to further strengthen the vehicle speech recognition ability. Altenon electric car products use a new intelligent voice package, which makes the voice broadcast more anthropomorphic and natural. The interconnection capability of mobile phones has also been continuously improved. IKey mobile phone keys add more mobile phone model support, and turn on CarLink interconnection services, which can better meet the needs of personalized third-party ecological services for car owners.

In the aspect of driver attention monitoring system DMS, in the process of using SUPER CRUISE, the driver's eye movement is monitored by the driver monitoring camera in the car, and the driver's attention is judged in the most accurate way. At the same time, the infrared supplementary light device can also play an excellent monitoring effect at night, in low light or when the driver wears sunglasses. With double-zone capacitive induction steering wheel, intelligent steering wheel luminous light belt, safe vibration seat and OnStar OnStar service, it provides direct and clear prompt and early warning for drivers and ensures the safe use of intelligent driving assistance to the maximum extent. In the future, the driver fatigue detection function will be upgraded, and the algorithm will be upgraded to monitor whether the driver is tired and other states that are not suitable for auxiliary driving.


According to the official plan, the total investment of SAIC General Motors in the field of electrification and intelligent network connection will reach 70 billion yuan by 2025, and the newly established software and digital industry center is an important part of it. will comprehensively promote the company's intelligent network integration and in-depth development. It is not difficult to see that under the background of the rapid development of automobile intelligent technology, the trend of "scene creating value, data determining experience and software defining automobile" has become the development direction of the automobile industry.

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