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Li wants to declare war on the Chinese brand of multi-block PHEV: all will be mixed with add programs.

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Ideal car CEO Li Xiang posted on Weibo on November 8 that "Chinese independent brands, which are still adhering to multi-grade PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles), will switch to the technical route of adding programs in the next year or two." This judgment can be tested in 2025. " Li Xiang also said, "I think both the Great Wall system and Geely system will turn to the incremental route." Chairman Li Shufu has always been a proponent of the extended ride, and British taxis are the best practice. Chairman Wei Jianjun will certainly agree with the extended range as long as he sees with his own eyes the actual proportion of pure electricity used by Lanshan battery hybrid users. "


What is an added program? The add-on electric vehicle is different from the pure electric and plug-in hybrid, its most prominent component is the addition of the driver, the working principle is to use the engine to generate electricity and the motor to drive the vehicle. When the power is sufficient, the vehicle can drive in pure electric mode, and when the power is insufficient, the engine will start and then drive the engine to charge the power battery.

Strictly speaking, the plug-in electric vehicle is a variant of plug-in hybrid, the simplest understanding is that the car has two sets of power systems of motor and internal combustion engine, and the two sets of power systems drive vehicles in series and parallel. Series-parallel hybrid and other combination modes, add program is one of the relatively simple series mode.


Add program mix is not favored by the market, before the former Volkswagen China CEO Feng Sihan, the former Wei brand CEO Li Ruifeng have publicly diss add program mix. "at present, it will take time to improve and popularize the charging piles, and the extended range mode is the most suitable new energy vehicle model at present," Yu Chengdong said on Weibo. Subsequently, Li Ruifeng responded publicly on Weibo: "it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel, and it is an industry consensus that the mixing technology of the add program is backward. No matter how big the mouth is, you can't talk nonsense," or "the add program is backward and separated. Don't treat casual sex as a personality," and "just do the silent sound of increasing the process to make a fortune, why say it?"



Add-on hybrid is indeed a backward technology, but it has to be admitted that the ideal car has indeed achieved a large market by relying on add-on. According to the data, a total of 284647 ideal cars were delivered in the first 10 months of 2023, an increase of 193.51% over the same period last year, of which 40422 were delivered in October, an increase of 302.13% over the same period last year. Its L7, L8 and L9 SUV ranked among the best in each market segment.


It is understood that in addition to the ideal car, including Lantu, Deep Blue, Zero run, MJ, Nezha and other brands have layout add-program hybrid, especially AITO. The M5 and M7 currently launched are all add-program hybrid models, the difference is that the M5 model provides a pure electric version for consumers to choose from, but the number of consumers who buy added-program hybrid is much higher than that of pure electric version. The M9, which will go on sale this year, will also be a hybrid model with added programs.

At present, the mainstream hybrid technology is mainly divided into three categories according to its structure, the first is the incremental hybrid like the ideal car, the second is the parallel hybrid such as Volkswagen Exploration GTE, and the last is the parallel hybrid represented by Great Wall Lemon DHT and BYD DM-i.

Prior to this, the mainstream series hybrid technology was monopolized by Toyota and Honda, but in the past two years, Chinese independent brands have broken the monopoly of Japanese brands through technological innovation and made considerable progress. BYD DM-i, Great Wall lemon hybrid DHT and Geely Raytheon Hi X hybrid have all been recognized by the market.

Take BYD as an example. At present, BYD DM-i is the automaker with the largest share of PHEV in the world. BYD DM-i has pure electric, direct engine drive, series and parallel hybrid modes, which can be switched in real time according to different road conditions and operating conditions, in which the series mode can be directly understood as extended range mode, and the engine is only responsible for power generation and does not participate in the drive of the vehicle, that is to say, BYD DM-i hybrid has already included an added program. However, the addition program has only a single series mode from beginning to end. In BYD powertrain planning, DM (Dual Mode) plug-in hybrid is divided into I and p branches. The former focuses on fuel saving and the price is lower, while the latter focuses on performance but the price is higher.


Both Geely and Great Wall responded to Li Xiang's comments.

Liu Yanzhao, CEO of Great Wall Wei brand, said that from a technical point of view, the extended range series system is only one of the three major modes of hybrid DHT, and it is obvious that direct drive is more efficient than the conversion efficiency of internal combustion engine power generation and redrive. In terms of the user scenario, our users use the direct drive mode of the engine efficient range for 34.7% of the mileage during travel and driving. The efficiency of the multi-block hybrid scheme has absolute advantages, which is not only a matter of use cost, but also the pursuit of the best efficiency of full scene coverage.


Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Holdings, said that the third-gear PHEV scheme, which meets both performance and fuel consumption, is one of the most comprehensive solutions at present, truly covering all user scenarios. Geely will provide the most suitable technical solution according to the needs of different users, and we will unswervingly promote the third gear PHEV.


Some netizens believe that Li Xiang's remarks directly deny the technical route of BYD, Great Wall, Geely, Chery and other automakers, are they implying that these brands are short-sighted? So far, Geely and Great Wall, both of which Li wants to mention, have come forward to deny the possibility of switching to Zengcheng. Of course, no one can guarantee that what has not happened will not happen, let's see if Li Xiang can become a prophet.

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